Snooki & Vinny Wild Night on Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3

Snooki & Vinny Wild Night on Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3 – Jersey Shore is one of those shows that you watch because you can’t look away. It is a guilty pleasure in the truest sense, as it has the power to significantly lower IQ within a single episode. However, there are some nuggets of life wisdom so precious that only Snooki can give them.

One of them recently was on the season opening, where she says she is “don’t looking for love” after finding the real deal with her honey Emilio Masalla.

“I like that he’s a dork, a guy that can laugh and joke around, and he also is a guido,” she said, adding that the two are “so hot together”, a line I am sure I heard Will Farrell say in ‘Zoolander’.

Despite her apparently real love for her new boy, who she had been seeing for two months at the time of that statement, she doesn’t necessarily think it has to be one on one.

“I am worried because, you know, I like the kid a lot. But … if there’s, like, an opportunity [during season 2 filming], that’s going to be fun.”

It would seem that it was, when she got hot and heavy sharing a bed with fellow cast member Vinny, which caused some stress with Emilio.

But he says he is sticking through and hoping they make it, even though he is “heartbroken”.

Bad luck, Emilio. But you did fall for a girl whose feelings seem to be as real as her orange-burn tan.

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