Betty White Jay-Z On Saturday Night Live:Watch SNL Season 35 Episode 21 Online S35E21

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Betty White Saturday Night Live:Watch SNL Season 35 Episode 21 Online S35E21 – Saturday Night Live season 35 episode 21 – “Betty White / Jay-Z” aired earlier today on NBC.
In case you have been living under a rock Betty White thanks to wonders of Facebook and couple of thousands of fans (over half of a million people to be exact) was the host of SNL/Saturday Night Live this weekend with Jay-Z accompanied by Mr. Hudson and Bridget Kelly musical guests.White was not alone ,she had the help of stars like Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey during the sketches.
Here is the recap of the Mother’s Day episode:

Cold Open: Lawrence Welk :
It was a pretty good opener thanks to the fact that it was non-political and Kristen Wiig’s creepy/tiny doll-hands and random singing.

Monologue: Betty White:
The Golden Girls star had a field day mocking old people and trashing the Facebook culture that actually got her into the host gig in the first place saying:
“And now that I know what it is.It seems like a huge waste of time. … At my age, if I want to connect with my old friends, I need a Ouija board.”

MacGruber :
The 88.5 year old did a decent job in these pre-recorded sketches where she embarrassed her grandson MacGruber who wants to marry her by talking about his childhood stories (he used to play with poop and had breast reduction).

Delicious Dish:
The writers seemed to make their own running gag by inserting White’s age in virtually every skit and they did a fine job in this sketch -with the actress playing “Dusty.”
Betty aka Dusty spoofed the National Public Radio talk show, where she talked for hours about her muffins for National Dietary Fiber Day saying stuff like:
“My muffin hasn’t had a cherry since 1939.A baker of your age might tend to have a drier, more crusty muffin.”

The Manuel Ortiz Show:
This might be a returning sketch but it was quite hilarious to see people dance Meringue while tackling sensitive issues.

Gingey the Lesbian:
This was was not really good to be honest.White took on the role of the blunt-talking Grandma in a 1904 family parlor scene where all the sisters are dressed in beautiful dresses except Poehler who looked like a dude carrying a dead fish around.
As the others try to make Poehler more of a proper girl and failed, White declares,over a dozen times “She’s a lesbian” but no one listened.She later on started to ramble about being a lesbian in her head and saying:“Believe me, one thing I would not miss: balls. Terrible little things.”

Musical Guest: Jay-Z :
Jay-Z took the stage where he first performed a medley (that was apparently too long ) of his hit songs and eventually was joined by Bridget Kelly for “Empire State of Mind” .

Later on Mr Hudson wearing some strange pants teamed up with the rapper on “Young Forever,” which he dedicated to the “most incredible Betty White.”Too bad Betty and Jay did not do a skit together.

Weekend Update :
Overall it was below average skit even though The Whitney Houston bit and having Amy Poehler and Tina Fey back on with the “Really?!?” section were entertaining.

Scared Straight:
This is one of the most hilarious recurring sketches,and last night was not exception with White yelling “Wizard of ass!” at the three criminals after a boat load of gang rape jokes.

CSI: Sarasota –”CBS: The old people network.” :
It was a bad idea to have White play David Caruso’s mother who is still fighting crime in her retirement home.The jokes were simply terrible.

Thank You For Being a Friend:
This skit was brilliant ,it began with the entire cast singing the Golden Girls theme song but all of a sudden Betty White puts on a mask and breaks into a heavy metal rendition of “Thank You For Being a Friend” where she kills,beats,trashes everyone and anything in sight.
Nothing says Mother’s like Betty White screaming “motherfuckers”.

Census Checker:
The final sketch of the evening featured Tina Fey going at it with a crazy/racist lady named Blarfengaar played by White who has humans as cats and believes she is above Asians.

Overall it was a decent episode where Betty’s presence was highly appreciated seeing that she made the effort to appear in every single skit and cursed her way over and over way into our hearts (she even cursed more that Jay-Z).
As for the sow itself it was not brilliant due to the countless returning skits and the bad utilization of some the funny female performers from the show’s past who graced us with their presence last night.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Saturday Night Live season 35 episode 21.

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