Smallville Season 9 Finale:Watch Salvation Episode 21 (22) Online S09E21

smallville season 9 finale

Smallville Season 9 Finale:Watch Salvation Episode 21 (22) Online S09E21 – Smallville Season 9 episode 21 (22) called “Salvation” which was directed by Greg Beeman and written by Al Septien & Turi Meyer aired last night on The CW.
The season itself was not brilliant but Smallville sure knows how to give its fans an awesome finale.
“Salvation” was the complete package it had a major death, lots of destruction,some nice twists and few compelling cliffhangers.
In last night’s installment we learned:

-Tess tried to redeem herself for setting Zod free by trying to kill him, but got burned in the process (don’t worry ,she will resurrect later on thanks to the old lady).
-The epic battle between Clark and Zod took place with Clark falling to his death (but we all know the truth -he is not going to die but he might fly or become human).
-Oliver ended up being surrounded by people as shown by Chloe’s screen and saying that “THEY’RE NOT KANDORIAN”.

Here is the summary of the episode:

Zod appears to Lois claiming to be The Blur and accusing Clark of trying to reveals Zod’s secret. Tess confronts Zod at the Fortress, in an effort to save Clark, but Zod gets the upper hand and uses his heat vision to burn her and leave her for dead before destroying the main console of the Fortress. Clark takes Tess to the hospital, where she tells him there is a second console that will activate the book. Later, Tess is pronounced dead at the hospital. Zod attacks Lois when she discovers he is not the Blur, but Clark saves her and reveals his true identity to her through a kiss. Zod’s troops learn of his deceptive actions and agree to follow Clark to their new home through the Book of Rao. Zod uses a blue kryptonite dagger to make him and Clark human, and keep them from ascending. Clark intentionally stabs himself with it and falls off the roof of a building, leaving Zod without its protection and forcing him to ascend with the others off of Earth.

As we stated before overall we will have to say that it was a nice finish to the season 9.
Yes it was just a little anticlimactic since all we get was a vague promise that Zod will get what he deserves on New Krypton- but ultimately all the pieces came together.
As for this pesky cliffhangers that will have us scratching our heads over the summer:
Who are the “not kandorians people” and why are they after Oliver?
Can someone please give us some ideas as the who in the world is the old woman going into Tess room, no doubt to revive her?
Will Clark finally fly after being thrown off that building?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Smallville Salvation.

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