Smallville Season 10 Episode 3 : Watch Supergirl Online S10E03

Smallville Season 10 Episode 3 : Watch Supergirl Online S10E03 – Smallville season 10 episode 3 called “Supergirl” which was directed by Mairzee Almas and written by Anne Cofell aired last night on The CW.
“Smallville” is doing all that it can to give the fans a great last season and this week they were able to deliver another solid episode thanks to the return of Kara who comes back to Earth and tells Clark that Jor-El has sent her to take care of the evil that is coming.

Previously, Kara left Smallville to look for the lost city of Kandor, which is apparently one of the largest cities on Krypton. Since she left in the eighth season, fans have been eagerly awaiting the information that she returns with. She battled with some of Superman’s biggest enemies, including Doomsday and general Zod.

It was in season nine that we learned that Kandor was destroyed, and the new version of the city is not the same Kandor that Kara had been looking for. Now that the show is in its 10th season, we have been allowed to get a glimpse of one of the most popular characters, Darkseid. His power knows no bounds and he will present a serious problem for Clark.

Now, Darkseid’s Elite are starting to appear, and we finally got to see them in this episode. Many fans have been waiting for the return of Kara, who comes at just the right time, as Darkseid’s Elite starts to appear. We did notice that Kara was not wearing her usual Supergirl costume, but it was hot as ever.

Clark did not expect the return of Kara, but was happy to hear that she is joining him just as Jor-El sends a dark force to the planet.The duo formed the perfect team to defeat Gordon Godfrey who became possess by the dark force.The installment ended with a bag Oliver revealing his identity as Green Arrow.
Are you happy Lois returned from Africa?

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