Smallville Season 10 Episode 2: Watch Shield Online S10E02

Smallville Season 10 Episode 2: Watch Shield Online S10E02 – Smallville season 10 episode 2 called “Shield” which was directed by Glen Winter and written by Jordan Hawley aired last night on The CW.

The final season of “Smallville” has many fans on the edge of their seats. Now that Lois officially knows the secrets that Clark has kept hidden throughout the series, how will she deal with the information? They appear to be setting the stage for a season long journey.

We were also introduced to a number of Lex Luthor clones in the last episode, and got to see Oliver saved by a heroic, selfless sacrifice by Chloe. Meanwhile Lois takes off to Egypt to dwell on her newfound information and DC Comics bad guy Darkseid makes his first appearance on the show.

With episode 2, “Shield” on the way on Friday, fans are eager to see what happens next. With the end of the popular series just on the horizon, it seems to be moving at a pace that is much faster than the pace of previous seasons.

Of course Clark knows that Lois knows his secret, but has avoided talking to her about it to keep her safe. If the bad guys know that Lois knows that Clark is Superman, then they could potentially start to target her as well.

As the series continues to position itself for the end, it is clear that we are heading toward a dramatic finish. Darkseid will be one of the darkest evildoers that Clark will face throughout the show, and his appearance in the last season should set the stage for an epic battle.How do you like Clark’s new read costume?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Smallville season 10 episode 2.

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