Smackdown Results WWE March 12 2010

smackdown results March 12 2010

Smackdown Results WWE March 12 2010 – Smackdown results for March 12 2010 can be found here.Last night’s episode which mainly promoted WrestleMania XXVI opened with a touching moment that became kind of creepy-Rey Mysterio’s family came out with the wrestler singing happy birthday to his daughter accompanied by Eddie Guerrero’s son.
The party was ruined by CM Punk and friends who issued a challenge to Rey for last night and for WrestleMania but things got really weird when Punk decided to sing happy birthday to Mysterio’s daughter.Here is the recap of the episode.

Match: 1: R Truth Vs The Miz
This match went down very fast with R-Truth beating The Miz after Daniel Bryan, who was at ringside with David Otunga pushed Miz’s feet off the ropes as he was trying to get a pin.
Match: 2: Drew McIntyre Vs Aaron Bold in winner takes all match ( Money In the Bank qualifying & Intercontinental Championship Match)
In a split second local wrestler Adam Bold was put on the mat by Drew McIntyre and therefore getting a spot in Money in the Bank.
Match: 3:The Big Show Vs John Morrison
Big Show who has been really busy this month ,defeated John Morrison with an unexpected knockout punch.
Match: 4: Cryme Tyme Vs The Hart Dynasty in tag team match
This battle started off well ,but the fight ended it with a draw/a double count out seeing that The Undertaker appeared out of nowhere and beat the crap out of the four fighters.

Match: 5:Tiffany Vs Michelle McCool
Here is a another match that was ruined by the interference of another outsider.The brawl between the ladies was very entertaining but Tiffany was able to defeat Michelle McCool by DQ after Vickie Guerrero did what she was not supposed to do while the referee was not watching.
Finally came the main event/Match: 6: Kane Vs Luke Gallows
You would think after waiting almost two hours for the main event,we would get an exciting fight,well think again? The match ended with a no contest after CM Punk stepped in and hit Kane forcing Rey Mysterio to come in the ring to discipline Punk.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Smackdown Results.

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