SmackDown Results WWE Friday Night March 19 2010

WWE Friday Night SmackDown March 19, 2010 Detailed Results

SmackDown Results WWE Friday Night March 19 2010 – You can find the results for WWE Friday Night SmackDown March 19, 2010 here.Not a very entertaining episode of SmackDown, so let us get to the recap.

Match 1:Money-in-the-Bank Preview: Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger versus Matt Hardy & MVP:

The opening match was very intense thanks to the Money-in-the-Bank brief case hanging in the ring.
Hardy mostly dominated the fight by laying some heavy shots on Ziggler ,but Ziggler recovered well and hit the Zig-Zag for the win.

Match 2: Beth Phoenix & Tiffany versus Michelle McCool & Layla:

Before the fight a clip of last week’s drama was shown (the only distracting part of the fight) and the ladies kind of played around with Phoenix winning the brawl for her team.

Match 3: John Morrison & R-Truth versus The Hart Dynasty:

It took just couple of seconds for John Morrison & R-Truth to hit Kidd with the Lie Detector and claimed victory.

Match 4: Luke Gallows versus Rey Mysterio:

As usual Gallows came to the ring with his sidekicks Serena and CM Punk who cheated by hitting Rey while the referee had his back turned for the win.
What occurred after the match was a total shocker with Rey going bonkers and beating the crap out of Luke Gallows as Punk watched on and did nothing.

Match 5: Undertaker versus Drew McIntyre:

Do we really need to tell you how this match ended? Undertaker delivered a choke-slam and a Tombstone to win the match.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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