Smackdown Results June 25 2010

Smackdown Results June 25 2010 – Smackdown Results for 6-25-10 can be found here. The show opened with the reminder that now Fatal Four Way is over there is new World Heavyweight Champion in town and his name is Rey Mysterio, something to seriously piss CM Punk of even more.
Also at the beginning of the installment we watched Theodore Long and Vickie Guerrero make fools of themselves as they do on a weekly basis.
Here is a recap of the matches:

Match 1 : The Big Show vs. Jack Swagger
The 7 foot giant was able to dominate most of the match until Swagger got a hold of himself and used the Swagger Bomb and eventually the Ankle Lock submission on Show but to no avail.
Big Show won the match via disqualification.

Match 2 : Curt Hawkins, Vance Archer, & Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP, Christian, & Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston
With so many men in the ring , you expected a very high quality match ,well guess again.
MVP and Hawkins were the first two to go at it and that is about as exciting the brawl ever got.
Hawkins who was rapidly tagged out never really got a chance to fight with the Intercontinental Champion.
At the end Christian found a way to win the match for his fellow wrestlers MVP and Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.

Match 3 : Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy
This was one of the longest matches of the night where the two men were out for blood.
During the brutal battle we saw moves like Side Effect,DDT and Michinoku Driver.After all was said and done Matt won thanks to a Twist of Fate .

Match 4 : Rosa Mendez vs. Kelly Kelly w/Tiffany
This was the stupidest of matches that ever took place On SmackDown with Kelly jumping on the rope at LayCool for no reason before the bell rang. Tiffany stepped in to help LayCool and prevailed and Kelly was victorious.

Match 5 : No Disqualifications : CM Punk vs. Kane
When there are no rules it means anything goes and believe us when we say everything and anything took place during this dirty brawl.
The Big Red Monster manhandled CM , choke-slammed him and eventually chased him outs of the building as Smackdown went off the air.
Maybe next week will get the end of this soap opera.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Smackdown Results.

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