Skins.TV: New MTV TV Show Scripted Series Skins

MTV is set to premiere a new TV series called Skins on the network in January 2011.
Based on the hit English show by the same name – it is a fake reality series the follows several teenagers who partake in wild activities like taking drugs, binge drinking and experiment sexually while dealing with family issues and other personal heartaches.Basically if you like Gossip Girl where things seems to always end well – this is not the show for you.

Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain the father/son team behind the original show have come to America to produce this new version of the series because MTV wanted to keep Skins originality and authenticity.

Here is the trailer of the show.

But the promo is already creating a bit controversy although it was released just few hours ago – many find it too provocative while others find the first episode of U.S.A’s Skins looks too much like British version.
Bryan Elsley released a statement to explain his project:

Ok. Here is what we are going to try to do. Yes, the early episodes will keep some of the original stories and characters. But as the series goes on, new stories will emerge and the show will head away from its UK roots to something that comes completely from the imagination of young USA writers. Is the first episode a re-make? Well yes. But the second is totally original. MTV have been incredibly supportive. They are being bold and we are going to try to as well. I understand the concerns. If you know Skins you know that we are always going to give things a go, win or lose. So I really hope you enjoy what we have tried to do.

What are thoughts on this scripted series? Will you be watching it ? Visit Skins.TV for more infos on the raunchy yet realistic series.

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