Skins: New MTV TV Series Slammed By Parents Television Council

A new show on MTV has the Parents Television Council worried about the influence that it could be on children in America, and is causing many parents to exclaim that the show should not even be allowed to air.

The PTC recently called ‘Skins’ “the most dangerous television show for children that we have ever seen.”

The council also claimed that the way MTV was marketing the show was unacceptable, as they were presenting the series as a promotion of sex and the use of drugs.

Also, the official website for the show has a designated area where fans of the show can write in and talk about their own “trouble” that they had experienced.

The president of PTC, Tim Winter, said, “The marketing campaign itself makes light of lying to parents and participating in all manner of harmful, irresponsible, illegal and adult-themed behavior.”

The series is originally a British teen drama that aired in 2007. It is about a group of teenagers who are in their final years of high school, and are dealing with things such as drug use, sexual orientation, and mental illness.

The show coined the term “skins party” which mean a night of wild drinking, drugs, and sex.

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