Skins Movie Coming Soon

Skins Movie

Skins Movie Coming Soon – Skins movie is our big headline of the day.Skins’ writer Jack Thorne did an interview with The Guardian earlier today where he revealed that there is a Skins movie in pre-production. Thorne went on to say that the film will focus on the second generation of characters, but will feature appearances from the first and third too.
Interviewer: You mentioned there’s a Skins movie in the offing – are you involved in that, Jack?

Yeah, I’m writing it.

I: What are you going to do with it? Is it the same characters, new characters? Are you going to have to cast again? Every time I look at it there’s new people!

Yeah, yeah, the idea is that it’s more centered around generation two, but generation one will be involved, and generation three will be in one scene.

I: So Nick Hoult might be involved?

If he’s available from doing Mad Max in Australia or wherever he is. You know what I mean? There’s currently a campaign to get him to come back and do a few scenes for us.

Other than bringing back Nicholas Hoult wouldn’t it be great to revive Freddie and Dana Fairbanks from the dead?

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