Sister Wives TLC Polygamy TV Show: New Tlc TV Series PREMIERE

Sister Wives TLC Polygamy TV Show: New Tlc TV Series PREMIERE – “Sister Wives,” the newest TLC reality show, has garnered a lot of criticism. The show follows a family of polygamists. There is Kody Brown, his three wives (Mary, Janelle, and Christine) as well as their twelve kids. Kody is set to marry a fourth wife here soon, and the show has received criticism from a number of women’s rights groups despite the fact that the women on the show are in agreement with the relationship that they have with their husband.

The show is interesting because it shows how each of the wives discipline the kids differently. All of them are in charge of each of their own kids, despite that there are three different mothers in the house.

The show has come under fire, and the lifestyle has as well for diminishing the value of the family unit that has been so heavily promoted in the United States.

Not as much of the first episode was spent defending their lifestyle as you might think. While they did dedicate a fair amount of time to defending their beliefs and their way of thinking, the majority of the episode focused on the family unit and the way that they go about raising their kids with so many different “in-charge” adults in the house at one time.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Sister Wives.

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