Sister Wives On Oprah Before Season Finale

Sister Wives On Oprah Before Season Finale – The sneak peak for the season finale of “Sister Wives” as made its way online. The show which follows a family of polygamist Mormons will be coming to an end on Sunday, after several months of controversy. There are currently four wives in the family, and 16 children. The most recent wife named Robyn to join the family brought three children from a previous marriage. In the finale episode, we will get to see the family have the final wedding, and then have an outdoor reception under a tent.

The second wife of the family, Janelle, explains that her experience was different form the other wives in the family because the rest of her family decided that they did not want to be linked to her when she entered a polygamous relationship. It is something that many who enter the lifestyle are forced to deal with.

The family also recently appeared on “Oprah,” where they gave their thoughts about their lifestyle, and explained how household rules worked under their system of organization. Oprah argued that it might be strange for the children who see traditional families on television and then come home to a polygamist family. Soon after the show premiered, the family came under investigation for bigamy by local law enforcement.
The show airs on Sundays at 10 PM ET on TLC. They will be airing all of the episodes from the season leading up to the season finale.

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