Simon Cowell X Factor Judges Selection Not Ending Now

With time running out, former American Idol judge and icon Simon Cowell says the picking of the remaining judges for his new show “X Factor” are still a ways off.

This new venue for Cowell has been one of the most expected programs in recent TV history as it’s expected to be as big as his original American Idol blockbuster.

If so this would cement Cowell even further in the entertainment industry to levels of unreachable heights.

Cowell so far has himself and Antonio Reid as judges and other names such as Gloria Estefan, Fergie from the group The Black Eyed Peas, and other noted celebs are being bandied about but Cowell emphasizes that the show will call for judges who have that commitment as this is a labor intensive job not just sitting around for a few hours a week.

The extra suspense is bring more publicity to the show and with his American Idol show in full swing when the X Factor launches it should be swamped with viewers.

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