Simon Cowell Praises American Idol

Did someone say that Simon Cowell actually complimented someone?

That’s what’s happened when he told CNN’s Piers Morgan that he thinks that American Idol is better than last year’s.

Cowell had become an icon and international entertainment mogul by launching and co-hosting the popular talent show but left along with founding judge Paula Abdul. Critics said that the show would die on the vine but this year the show has found a new pulse and is as vibrant and controversial as ever.

There has been major guest appearances, controversies, even tales of a haunted guest house. American Idol sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with this much action and excitement and high ratings.

Cowell told Morgan that “They’ve got their energy back,”.

That’s good news to all around as that means Cowell isn’t some disgruntled ex Idol judge but someone who really cares about the future of the show and he should be since he’s getting those huge royalty checks for sure.

Cowell goes on in this exclusive interview with insights into his viewpoints on American Idol, his career, memorable moments, his new ventures and more. A nice look at the inside of a man people around the world have a love-hate relationship with still.

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