Secret Diary Of A Call Girl:Meet The Real Belle De Jour On Showtime

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Meet the Real Belle de Jour

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl:Meet The Real Belle De Jour On Showtime – This evening Showtime aired a TV special called “Billie and the Real Belle Bare All” where Billie Piper who plays in the comedy Secret Diary of a Call Girl met the call girl behind her show U.K. research scientist Dr. Brooke Magnanti.In case you did not know,the television series Secret Diary of a Call Girl was inspired by the real life story of Magnanti who shared every details of her activities on her blog Belle de Jour: Diary of a London Call Girl,which was written anonymously until November 2009, when she finally outed herself to the British media.Here is a brief presentation of the episode:

Captured on camera for the first time, Billie Piper meets the woman she has portrayed in the SHOWTIME hit series “Secret Diary of a Call Girl.” For six years she was known only as “Belle de Jour,” publisher of an infamous sex blog and several best-selling books. Readers had long speculated about her identity. Two months ago, Brooke Magnanti stepped out of the shadows to reveal herself as the real “Belle.” Magnanti, who is now a neuroscientist, joined Piper in a London hotel room to lift the cover off the world’s oldest profession. In the half-hour conversation she imparts secrets of the trade, offers anecdotes about some of her most amusing encounters, reflects on her regrets (she has a few) and giggles as she shares what she considers her greatest assets.

The episode was funny,raw,intimate, and insightful into understanding Magnanti’s time spent working in the oldest profession of them all.The two moments that stood out were:
-the interview between Billie Piper and the real “Belle De Jour” and opening up about her very first gig as a call girl.
-Magnanti’s encounter with the doctor who financed part of her education by working as a high-class prostitute.
What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.

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