Scoundrels ABC:Scoundrels TV Show


Scoundrels ABC:Scoundrels TV Show – Scoundrels which is a new show based on a New Zealand series that is apparently wildly popular with the Kiwis and the Aussies premiered this evening on ABC. The comedy-drama star Virginia Madsen as Cheryl West, David James Elliott as Wolfgang “Wolf” West,Patrick Flueger as Logan and Calvin “Cal” West (twins),Leven Rambin as Heather West,Vanessa Marano as Hope West,John Lawlor as Grandpa West and Carlos Bernard as Sergeant Mack.
The series follow a small town family who is doing everything they can to stay out of trouble after the patriarch who is a long life criminal is imprisoned for his various illegal activities.

In Scoundrels episode 1 entitled “And Jill Came Tumbling After,” we meet the West family and discover the events/action that pushed Cheryl to make the decision to try (but often fails to) change her family’s life around.

Here is the recap of the first episode:

A family of small-town criminals is shaken when their father is sentenced to a surprisingly long prison term, leaving mom to take care of the criminally enterprising brood. In an effort to keep her kids out of trouble, she decides it’s time for the family to go straight, despite their best efforts to maintain the status quo.

Overall it is a pretty decent show thanks to Madsen’s great acting skills along with Vanessa Marano who seems to master her craft.
But that is the only good that can be said about the show:
-The series looks like a low budget show which is a major turn-off.
-Patrick John Flueger is simply terrible playing two characters-serious lawyer Logan and his washout twin brother Cal.
Flueger stinks as an actor ,he plays both of these characters exactly the same and that wig is the stupidest to hit TV since Seinfeld’s finale.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Scoundrels TV Show.

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