Saturday Night Live Season 36 Premiere 2010-Watch SNL David Paterson Episode

Saturday Night Live Season 36 Premiere 2010-Watch SNL David Paterson Episode – Saturday Night Live is back. The show premiered with their 36th season last night. The episode featured as Amy Poehler host and Katy Perry fresh off her Sesame Street controversy as the musical. The installment also served as the debut of a number of cast changes that the show made in the offseason, including the departure of Forte, and the addition of the comedian Tarian Killam, who is most known for his excellent impressions of Will Smith,Jay-Z,Obama and 50 Cent.

Will Forte had been with the program for 8 seasons but announced that he would be leaving the popular late night comedy sketch show to pursue other options. SNL has added as many as four new cast members, hoping to find someone that is a favorite among viewers.

Abby Elliot, the daughter of Chris Elliot, became the first second generation cast member of Saturday Night Live. A number of other comedians have been rumored to be appearing on the program this season, but producers for SNL have mostly kept their additions under wraps and will debut them sometime in the new season.

It looks like Taran Killam, an alumni for the lesser late night comedy show “MadTV” was a welcome addition to the already stellar cast that has seen a number of their most prominent names leave for the silver screen in recent years.

Here is are brief recaps of the skits that aired last night:

Cold Open: Christine O’Donnell:Kristen Wiig opened the new season of “Saturday Night Live” with a long and not too funny political satire where she mocked Delaware Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell.
The Republican candidate’s past statements were seriously used against her.
The tea party darling confessed that she is no longer against masturbation and, in fact, masturbates all the time now,she revealed that she ran a dog fighting operation and burned down somebody’s house before putting witch hat and flying away on a broom.

Monologue: Amy Poehler
This was not the best monlogue we have seen from SNL which was about Amy having a nightmare about all the things that can go wrong while hosting the show.
But the funny cameos by Rachel Dratch, Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey made the moment bearable.

Bronx Beat:
This was just a bad skit,not even Katy’s boobs bursting through the Elmo shirt and Maya Rudolph’s surprise appearance could save it. Perry should stick to singing because her acting debut was less than stellar.

Bosley:This mock ad was simply nasty but you could not help laugh at the lady rubbing her face in her man’s new bushy do.

Maternity Matters:This sketch is old as hell but the truth of the matter is that it was probaly the best one last night.

Mosque at Ground Zero:
Having the RNC promote the controversial building for gay weddings was a very bold and wise move from the writers.This was a very way to handle an explosive political topic that has the nation buzzing for weeks now.

Weekend Update:
Poehler came back for the “Really?!?” segment where she had some funny and serious reasons why they should repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.
Newcomer Jay Pharaoh gave a decent impression of Will Smith but Armisen’s Governor Paterson killed the night when the real deal appeared to crack few jokes on his own.

Musical Guest: Katy Perry
She sang “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream” wearing few skimpy outfits while dancing on dry ice.
Her performances were not spectacular but they were not ear bleeding neither.

The Lean Years:
This skit must have been very funny on paper – but the real thing was really awful.
If you want to take on Showtime for having three shows about women all hiding something while standing on one leg-you have to do an excellent job which Amy was unable to do.

Digital Short -Boogerman Theme:
Andy Samberg was on a row with his sketches -but last night you could tell he was still on vacation and pulled this one two seconds before the show aired.

Tiny Hats:
Another bad skit where we met newcomer Vanessa Bayer.

Actor II Actor:
This was short and hilarious.
Justin needs to explain why he stopped making music for real.

The Unwatchables:
This was a nice way to end the night.

It will be interesting to see how well the program is able to bounce back after a 2009 season that was unable to match up with their stellar 2008 presidential comedy and if we take tonight into consideration you can say this is not bad start.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on SNL S36E01.

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