Saturday Night Live Season 36 Episode 4: Emma Stone/Kings of Leon On SNL S36E04

Saturday Night Live – Season 36, Episode 4 – “Emma Stone/Kings of Leon” aired last night on NBC.
This week Superbad’s actress Emma Stone was the host of SNL where we had few interesting skits about French teenagers, diets for babies, crotchless pants and how boiled eggs can make a girl really happy.
Here is the recap of the episode:

Cold Open: Harry Reid election rally
The night started off in a horrible way – with a skit where Paul Brittain played Harry Reid trying to distance himself from Obama in a political rally in Nevada.There was nothing funny about it.Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle would have worked better.

Monologue: Emma Stone:

We learned that Stone is always in a film where a nerd wants to make out with her.
Taran Killam and Moynihan as Michael Cera and Jonah Hill were real standouts.

BabySpanx :This skit about spanx for fat babies and fat cats was brilliant.
We need more faux commercial like this one.

Dream Home Extreme:Another terrible sketch where Kristin Wiig played an excited host who revealed to Emma Stone that has won a $2 million house.

The piece was too long although having Emma going wild for eggs at the end was pretty funny.

Headline News:

Bill Hader’s scary reporter voice will make sure that you see Skype and “trampolining” very differently from now on.

Digitial Short – I Broke My Arm:

This was the best skit of the night which consisted of having the hottest girl slip over and over on a spot of jelly and asking her classmates to sign her cast whenever she would break a new body part.

The View :
Stone did a pretty good job as Lindsay Lohan, but this old recycled skit is becoming pointless.

Brett Favre Wrangler Commercial:

Brett Favre will forever regret the day he sent a photo of his penis to a woman other than his wife.

Weekend Update:

Seth was not spectacular and talked about the people who made headlines in the news during the week.
But Hader’s Stefan was as hilarious as always.

In case you were wondering Hader was unable to deliver a line properly will all the laughter.

The best part of the skit was Kenan Thompson’s take on Jimmy McMillan of the “Rent is Too Damn High” party.

John Mulaney made an appearance on “Update” in his “I Love It” and talked about “Mad Men” not having enough veggies.

Les Jeunes de Paris:

This was one of the worst sketches we have seen from that show.
It was senseless and pointless.

My Brother Knows Everything
Why is Nasim Pedrad always playing an overactive kid who wants to drag you into their world?

“Sex” Ed Vincent Sex Symposium :
This was a weird one where Paul Brittain use “Sex Ed” to make us laugh.

Budget Costumes:

This one is self explanatory with Halloween just around the corner,you can get a costume with a bad smell, a hole or a stain by shopping at Googie.

Kings of Leon performed Radioactive which will sure please their fans.
But there was nothing unforgettable about it.

Kings of Leon came back for Pyro – which was more pleasant to our ears.

It was a pretty boring episode of SNL that had nothing to do with Emma who seemed genuinely happy and excited to be there.

Hope the writers find better material and invite her back soon.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Emma Stone on SNL.

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