Saturday Night Live Season 36 Episode 3: Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars Review

Saturday Night Live Season 36 Episode 3: Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars Review – This weekend SNL/“Saturday Night Live” was hosted by none other than Jane Lynch better known as the mean coach on Glee with hat wearing and drug sniffing Pop/R&B singer Bruno Mars as the musical guest.
This season of SNL was off to a bad start,so did Sue Sylvester, I mean Jane Lynch save the day?
The answer is no and here are the reasons why:

Cold Open: Ask Gloria Allred :
Allred, a lawyer and media whore decided to answer few emails and explain why she defends victims of blue skies and sunny days.There was nothing funny about the skits,not the jokes,not the imitations,not the wig.

Monologue: Jane Lynch:
She sang an terrible song with lyrics that went something like this:
Glee is a show about Sue Sylvester
Sue Sylvester is the star of Glee
Now, yes, there are a few other characters
But Sue is the one you wanna see

When Sue comes down the hallway
Slushie cup at her side
The faint of heart better break way and part
And the weak should run and hide
Yes the weak should run and hide
Yes the weak should run and hide!

Where did Sue Sylvester come from? No one knows. Legend has it she was birthed from between two storm clouds. Lightning hit the ground, and from the billowing smoke the female figure, covered in dirt and wearing a red sweatsuit. And the villagers gathered and asked, “God?” And the creature lifted her head and said, “No. I’m Sue Sylvester.”

Glee is a show about Sue Sylvester
Sue Sylvester is the star of Glee
Yes, there are some other characters
But Sue Sylvester is played by me

Damn It, My Mom is on Facebook Filter:
One of the best skits of the night where Andy nailed in a fake commercial about an app that makes it possible to keep your nosy mother from reading the real content of your Facebook page.

Glee and Gilly:
We knew that with Jane Lynch on the program there was obviously going to be a Glee parody.
It was pretty funny for the hit series’ fans but we have to admit that Kenan Thompson’s Mercedes was pretty funny even if you have never watched Glee before.

The New Boyfriend Talk Show:
This was a pretty good sketch about a son and his whorish mother who brought home over 140 men within a 4 month period -with the poor kid having the brilliant idea of interviewing all of these men after sleeping with his mom.

Christine O’Donnell: Not a Witch :
Here is a simple yet funny skit that makes you feel bad for O’Donnell who once believed that you can do magical things with a broom.

Secret Word:
This recycled broom was never funny -so they need to retire it.

SNL Digital Short: Relaxation Therapy
Another good skit where Jane Lynch ended up naked and tormenting her patients during their relaxation moments.

Returns and Exchanges:
Jay Pharoah is great impersonator and he delivered a solid Denzel Washington skit despite the lack of jokes.

Musical Guest: Bruno Mars :
Bruno Mars teamed up with his band to perform his only single called “Just The Way You Are.”
He later came back to perform “Nothin’ On You,” and “Grenade”.
His vocals were on point but the song itself was very interesting.

Weekend Update:

The truth be told-Seth Meyers is losing his touch and needs better writers for this segment.
Thank God for Samberg’s Mark Zuckerberg and the introduction of Miguel Conjeros who were able to make us smile a bit.

The Suze Orman Show:
Here is a piece that was supposed to be a funny and controversial but at the end we ended up with a boring skit where Suze invited her roommate Roma played by Jane Lynch from Amelia Earhart Community College and she drops 5000 lesbian jokes that are not too funny including this one “And you look like a vagiliion dollars!”

Sunday Night Football Theme:
There is nothing wrong with mocking few theme songs.

Tax Masters:
All we can say is that this was very creepy and skin crawling.

Overall it was an average episode of SNL where nothing stood out.
The jokes were flat,the writing was unspectacular -this show needs to be re-energized just like the Democratic party.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on SNL season 36 episode 3.

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