Saturday Night Live Season 36 Episode 2 : Bryan Cranston/Kanye West Videos

Saturday Night Live Season 36 Episode 2 : Bryan Cranston/Kanye West Videos – This evening Breaking Bad’s actor Bryan Cranston was the host on SNL/”Saturday Night Live” while Kanye West was the musical guest.

Here is a recap of the October 2nd edition of “Saturday Night Live” which contained little to no jokes due to few terrible scripts and countless recycled skits that may have gotten too old to make us laugh:

Cold Open: Rahm Emanuel :
Andy Samberg’s Rahm Emanuel was pretty hilarious at his press conference where he found at that he had no friends and had few disturbing words of advice for his replacement who was scared as hell.
There were few jokes but nothing spectacular so it gets a B-.

Monologue: Bryan Cranston :
Bryan Cranston tried very hard so he gets a B- but we have to admit that his comedic skills are very low.
But the dance and sing-along were pretty humorous.Why is he so often in his white undies?
Are they his lucky underpants or something?

Peptol Bismol Ice :
Who ever came up with this is very creative,too bad it was not all that funny.
They should manufacture this thing for real just like Activia it can really help your digestive system while you are in the club.C for this one.

The Miley Cyrus Show:
This C sketch is not the most hilarious piece we have seen from SNL but Cranston as Billy Ray Cyrus sure made it worthwhile.

What Up With That?”Back to School Edition” :
Sure this one is old and the music is pretty much outdate but the look on Morgan Freeman’s face who was there with Ernest Borgnine when he was talking about education as Kenan Thompson break into song was priceless.

Another recycle sketch that is still somewhat funny and very disgusting.
That was the longest burp ever heard on TV. B- for this skit.

Digitial Short: Rescue Dogs 911 App:

Andy sure knows how to be funny and weird at the same time.
The skit was slow but at the of it all it made us laugh.A for this.

Musical Guest: Kanye West dressed all in red performed Power with the help of a two dozen ballerinas on a very elaborated white stage .And latter on he sang Runaway with Pusha T- what is the purpose of that synth?Weekend Update: Seth Meyers had few jokes about Obama’s backyard meeting saying that the president does go infront because he does not his picture taken next to a foreclosure sign.

Seth Meyers also pocked fun at Rick Sanchez who is now jobless for slamming Jews and Jon Stewart by saying:

CNN fired newsman Rick Sanchez Friday, one day after he called Jon Stewart a bigot and suggested that CNN is controlled by Jews. In the end, Sanchez was done in by his Achilles’ Heel: his mouth.

Kid Smartz :
This was pretty creepy and disturbing but when landed on the original TV show -well were speechless

Expect few parents to go after the writers of SNL.

The Bjelland Brothers:
This C-skit was just plain bad.
It was long,boring with zero jokes.
Who ever wrote this must really hate SNL.F for this one.

Teaching Henry to Fight :
Teaching kids about bullying never looked so funny.B+ for this sketch.

i-Sleep Pro :
Many people will find this racist-but if you really like comedy you will just say it was funny.The “I-Sleep Pro” features white noise and black noise with settings for “Muffled Tyler Perry Sitcoms,” “Domestic Arguments” and the movie “Friday.” for a brother to sleep while away from the hood.
Overall it was an OK episode of SNL where Andy Samberg,Kenan Thompson and Kanye West were able to provide us with some real entertainment.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on SNL S36E02.

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