Sarah Silverman Fox News Dis:’24-Hour-A-Day Racism Engine’

Sarah Silverman Fox News Dis:’24-Hour-A-Day Racism Engine’ – Sarah Silverman recently came under fire after lashing out at Fox News. She called the channel a “24 hour a day racism engine ” and Fox news quickly responded with a rebuttal to her claims. The comedian recently had her Comedy Central program cancelled,stated in her book that the news channel engages in racism and often has a hidden agenda that they do not make public.
“The entire Fox News Channel is a 24 hour a day racism engine, but it’s all coded, all implied,” she said.
Fox News quickly responded with a statement of their own, stating that Sarah Silverman is only mad because she just lost her own television show.

“Sarah’s anger is understandable, having recently lost her television show,” said a Fox News spokesperson. “We sympathize with her need for attention.”
Silverman also took shots at the entire right wing, saying that republicans across the states are often engaging in subtle forms of racism, knowingly or unknowingly. She went on to say that they are not open about the racism, but their actions speak louder than words. Instead of calling Obama racial slurs she says, they question the legitimacy of his presidency by drawing concerns that he is a Muslim or was born in Africa.

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