Sarah Palin’s Alaska TLC Show Trailer Video

A recent trailer was just released by the TV network TLC, documenting a new show that is set to debut in the coming weeks. It’s called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, and it’s all about the former Alaskan governor’s interaction with her family and her neighborhood. The show will be set as a reality-show, and it will document the Palins lives together as they are living in their great state of Alaska.
According to the trailer that was released, Palin and her family are seen doing plenty of outdoor activities, such as cross-country skiing, kayaking, mushing with sled dogs, and piling into an off-road vehicle. Apparently, bears even make an appearance in the show.

The family is also seen spending time together, with Palin often commenting on how happy she is to simply be at home with her family. At one point, when the family is outdoors, she says, “This is flippin’ fun…how come we can’t ever just be satisfied with tranquility?” She goes on to talk about her home life, saying, “I’d rather be doing this than in some stuffy old political office. I’d rather be out here being free.”
The show will officially debut on November 14th.

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