Sarah Palin’s Alaska Season 2 On TLC?

If you missed Sarah Palin fishing, hiking, handling a rifle, being a great mother -well we have some great news for, her new reality show ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ will be renewed for a second season.

The Republican who used the first season of her hit reality show to promote the beauty of Alaska (which included beautiful forests, lakes, rivers, moose, brown bears and a wolf ) was paid $250,000 per episode and is said to be taking her precious time in order to score a bigger deal with TLC (The Learning Channel or The Knowledge Channel) for the upcoming season.

According to PopEater’s Rob Shuter:

“3.066 million people turned in last week to see her episode with Kate Gosselin.That is more people than are watching Bravo’s ‘Housewives’ series or most other cable shows. For sure the network is doing everything it possibly can to convince Sarah to do another season, but at the end of the day it looks like it will all come down to money.”

Sarah Palin is hoping to use TV/media much like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger did ,to make it in the political world -but if she fails at beating Obama in 2012 – she can always the 1 million dollar that she is making per episode to try something new – like have her own TV network.

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