Sarah Palin Reality Show Ratings Drop

Sarah Palin Reality Show Ratings Drop – Although Bristol Palin is bringing in the ratings with her run on “Dancing With the Stars”, it would seem that her mother, Sarah Palin, is having a bit more of a difficult time. Sarah Palin recently debuted her new reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, and the ratings fell quite a bit for the second episode of the show. Although the premiere of the show debuted to 5 million viewers, which was quite a record for TLC, the second episode only brought in 3 million of those viewers.

Not only that, but of those three million viewers, only 885,000 were in the 18-49 age bracket that is so coveted by television studios. The median age for the show so far is 57, which is 15 years older than the average viewer of TLC.

However, TLC released a statement in which they said they were not worried about the ratings drop, and that it had actually been anticipated. They explained that there was plenty of competition from “Sunday Night Football” along with the American Music Awards, and this could have had a major effect on the numbers.
A network spokesperson said, “We are very happy with the ongoing strength of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”…”

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