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Sarah Palin Katie Couric Interview:Palin Couric Interview Transcript

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Sarah Palin Katie Couric Interview:Palin Couric Interview Transcript

Sarah Palin Katie Couric Interview:Palin Couric Interview Transcript – Sarah Palin/Katie Couric did an interview to discuss foreign policy.Palin Couric interview transcript is right after the jump.
Katie Couric: As we stand before this august building and institution, what do you see as the role of the United States in the world?
Sarah Palin:

I see the United States as being a force for good in the world. And as Ronald Reagan used to talk about, America being the beacon of light and hope for those who are seeking democratic values and tolerance and freedom. I see our country being able to represent those things that can be looked to … as that leadership, that light needed across the world.

Couric: In preparing for this conversation, a lot of our viewers … and Internet users wanted to know why you did not get a passport until last year. And they wondered if that indicated a lack of interest and curiosity in the world.

I’m not one of those who maybe came from a background of, you know, kids who perhaps graduate college and their parents give them a passport and give them a backpack and say go off and travel the world.No, I’ve worked all my life. In fact, I usually had two jobs all my life until I had kids. I was not a part of, I guess, that culture. The way that I have understood the world is through education, through books, through mediums that have provided me a lot of perspective on the world.

Couric: Gov. Palin, you’ve had a very busy week. And you’re meeting with many world leaders. You met with President Karzai of Afghanistan. I know the McCain campaign has called for a surge in Afghanistan. But that country is, as you know, dramatically different than Iraq. Why do you believe additional troops, U.S. troops, will solve the problem there?

Because we can’t afford to lose in Afghanistan, as we cannot afford to lose in Iraq, either, these central fronts on the war on terror. And I asked President Karzai, “Is that what you are seeking, also? That strategy that has worked in Iraq that John McCain had pushed for, more troops? A counterinsurgency strategy?” And he said, “yes.” And he also showed great appreciation for what America and American troops are providing in his country.

Couric: The United States is deeply unpopular in Pakistan. Do you think the Pakistani government is protecting al Qaeda within its borders?

I don’t believe that new President Zardari has that mission at all. But no, the Pakistani people also, they want freedom. They want democratic values to be allowed in their country, also. They understand the dangers of terrorists having a stronghold in regions of their country, also. And I believe that they, too, want to rid not only their country, but the world, of violent Islamic terrorists.

Couric: You’ve cited Alaska’s proximity to Russia as part of your foreign policy experience. What did you mean by that?
Sarah Palin:

That Alaska has a very narrow maritime border between a foreign country, Russia, and, on our other side, the land-boundary that we have with Canada. It’s funny that a comment like that was kinda made to … I don’t know, you know … reporters.

Couric: Mocked?

Yeah, mocked, I guess that’s the word, yeah.

Couric: Well, explain to me why that enhances your foreign-policy credentials.


Well, it certainly does, because our, our next-door neighbors are foreign countries, there in the state that I am the executive of. And there…

Couric: Have you ever been involved in any negotiations, for example, with the Russians?


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We have trade missions back and forth, we do. It’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia. As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there, they are right next to our state.

Couric: When President Bush ran for office, he opposed nation-building. But he has spent, as you know, much of his presidency promoting democracy around the world. What lessons have you learned from Iraq? And how specifically will you try to spread democracy throughout the world?

Specifically, we will make every effort possible to help spread democracy for those who desire freedom, independence, tolerance, respect for equality. That is the whole goal here in fighting terrorism also. It’s not just to keep the people safe, but to be able to usher in democratic values and ideals around this, around the world.

Couric: You met yesterday with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who is for direct diplomacy with both Iran and Syria. Do you believe the U.S. should negotiate with leaders like President Assad and Ahmadinejad?

I think, with Ahmadinejad, personally, he is not one to negotiate with. You can’t just sit down with him with no preconditions being met. Barack Obama is so off-base in his proclamation that he would meet with some of these leaders around our world who would seek to destroy America and that, and without preconditions being met. That’s beyond naïve. And it’s beyond bad judgment.

Couric: Are you saying Henry Kissinger …

It’s dangerous.

Couric: … is naïve for supporting that?

I’ve never heard Henry Kissinger say, “Yeah, I’ll meet with these leaders without preconditions being met.” Diplomacy is about doing a lot of background work first and shoring up allies and positions and figuring out what sanctions perhaps could be implemented if things weren’t gonna go right. That’s part of diplomacy.

Couric: You recently said three times that you would never, quote, “second guess” Israel if that country decided to attack Iran. Why not?

We shouldn’t second guess Israel’s security efforts because we cannot ever afford to send a message that we would allow a second Holocaust, for one. Israel has got to have the opportunity and the ability to protect itself. They are our closest ally in the Mideast. We need them. They need us. And we shouldn’t second guess their efforts.

Couric: You don’t think the United States is within its rights to express its position to Israel? And if that means second-guessing or discussing an option?

No, abso … we need to express our rights and our concerns and …

Couric: But you said never second guess them.

We don’t have to second-guess what their efforts would be if they believe … that it is in their country and their allies, including us, all of our best interests to fight against a regime, especially Iran, who would seek to wipe them off the face of the earth. It is obvious to me who the good guys are in this one and who the bad guys are. The bad guys are the ones who say Israel is a stinking corpse and should be wiped off the face of the earth. That’s not a good guy who is saying that. Now, one who would seek to protect the good guys in this, the leaders of Israel and her friends, her allies, including the United States, in my world, those are the good guys.

That’s all we have for now on Sarah Palin Katie Couric Interview:Palin Couric Interview Transcript.

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  1. Boyce Robbins | Sep 27, 2008 | Reply

    Hurrah for Katie! She ambushed one of the most hated conservatives on the national scene. I would love to have the opportunity to quiz Couric about a wide range of topics- from mortgages to financial instruments to taxes to…………… the list is very long. She deserves her low ratings and the bankrupt nation she and her fellow liberals will help Obama create. She is despicable and could never match Palin’s record of honesty and real success, not bloviation.

  2. Max | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    “No, I’ve worked all my life. In fact, I usually had two jobs all my life until I had kids.” Governor Palin is 44. Her oldest child is 19. So apparently, she held two jobs all her life — until she was 16.

  3. Joanna Barrett | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    Last time I checked, Katie Couric was a journalist, not a VP candidate (or governor of a state apparently integral to keeping the US safe from Russians who rear their head). Why would you want to quiz Couric about her opinion on anything?? Why are Palin’s supporters so afraid of having her speak candidly without a prepared speech or talking points? Why is a simple, scheduled interview — much of it about comments she previously made — considered an ambush? Be proud of your new conservative superstar and stop trying to muzzle her.

  4. jayne speizer | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    Katie Couric isn’t running for VP, so how can you even make that comparison. I see no “honesty or real success” in Palin’s record. She’s setting back women about 20 years. Glad that you admit that she “will help Obama create” – that must mean you think that he is going to win. Yay!!

  5. Ed Feldheim | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    Couric is not running for the second highest office in the land. At least she seemed prepared for the interview.

  6. Rachel | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    Wow Boyce-
    Newsflash- Katie Couric is not running for the second highest position in the world. If she were, I’m sure she’d be quizzed on the same topics. Palin needs to answer these questions for the American people to feel that she is qualified for this job. This is a BIG DEAL. We have an incredibly inexperienced and unqualified candidate who cannot answer a straight question about serious foreign policy issues in the middle of a national economic and foreign policy crisis! As for the “liberals” and our bankrupt nation- are you even paying attention to what has happened in the past eight years? The Republicans held a dictatorship over our Congress and Executive branch for 6 years and THEY created this mess with all their free market de-regulation supported by the likes of BUSH and MCCAIN! The two years the Dems have had control of Congress they havn’t been able to change anything because Bush has vetoed every measure they’ve tried to push through to correct his mess! I cannot wait until November when I can LMAO at all the pathetic Republicans who will be crying into their golden parachutes as they realize their Reign of Terror has come to an end.

  7. Cait | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    Max | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    “No, I’ve worked all my life. In fact, I usually had two jobs all my life until I had kids.” Governor Palin is 44. Her oldest child is 19. So apparently, she held two jobs all her life — until she was 16.

    44 – 19 = 25. So, two jobs all her life until she was 24ish.

  8. Tina | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    What benefit does it serve to bash Katie, because she asked Sarah Palin, potentialy the next United States Vice President hard or difficult questions? Last I looked this isn’t an election for student body. This is an election to provide leadership to the American people. I commend Katie or any other president for asking any candidate for President or Vice President real salient questions. Lets, not blame her for Sarah’s lack of polish and ingnorance!

  9. Tina | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    What benefit does it serve to bash Katie, because she asked Sarah Palin, potentialy the next United States Vice President hard or difficult questions? Last I looked this isn’t an election for student body. This is an election to provide leadership to the American people. I commend Katie or any other journalist for asking any candidate for President or Vice President real salient questions. Lets, not blame her for Sarah’s lack of polish and ingnorance!

  10. kelly | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    you must be in honors math

  11. kelly | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    Sarah Palin does not need the left wing media to remain popular. We already know what she stands for and that is personal responsibilty. Her very being exposes the left for the hypocrites that they are. Suddenly there is a limit to how many children a working mother can have or how much she can achieve. An outdoor woman who loves guns and doesn’t believe in global warming. My hero.

  12. Luis | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    I was a Republican and I have to admit that my conservative ideas have helped create this mess we are in by voting republican the last 2 elections. Not anymore I hope that a lot more Republicans that have a little bit of brain realize that we have been deceived by these Republican Politicians. We need to vote differently in order to send a message to the Republican Party especially if you are middle class America. I may not agree on everything the Democrats believe and may be you don’t either but one thing I am sure and that is that we can not continue with this embarrassing direction the GOP is taking us. We cannot afford to give our vote to a lady that is a 70+ year old heart-beat away from becoming president. I respect her but she is not prepared or qualified, she has actually made me like and respect Hillary.

  13. jenniebee | Sep 28, 2008 | Reply

    I know, like, “could you explain what you meant by that?” is like so totally a “gotcha” question.

    Also, on, you know, like, math problems, when they want you to, you know, like, “show your work”? That’s an ambush.

  14. Heather | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    If Couric is so damned smart, why didn’t she go after Joe Biden for saying that “FDR got on TV to calm the American people after the 1929 wallstreet crash” when any school child knows that there was no TV then and FDR wasn’t president yet.

    A media person doing an interview has the power to let someone off the hook or attack them. Couric chose to attack Palin and to let Biden off the hook. Had she attacked him, he would’ve blubbered like a baby. But she didn’t.

    So now we know where Couric — and 95% of the media — stand. They are a bunch of jackals who like to rip the flesh of genuine Americans and then sit around and hoot about how f’ing smart they are.

    And the same goes for the hyenas of Congress who brought us the $700B bailout of their precious pork-barrel pets (ACORN, LA RAZA, FannieMae, FreddieMac).

    I can’t wait for Sarah Palin to take out her little pink highlighter pen and start crossing out all their precious pork.

  15. pep | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    are you Paris Hilton?

  16. Stephanie | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    In elementary school when I endured the humiliation of standing at the blackboard before baffling math problems, I didn’t xpect God or luck to make me a mathemetician. Does Palin expect a transformation? Since McCain could easily die in office, he is risking the collapse of the country at her hands. McCain first, or country first?

  17. Republican Against Palin | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    Palin’s an embarassment… She seems to have been chosen specifically because of her gender and her complete lack of ideas or opinions. McCain has betrayed his supporters and his party by chosing someone we absolutely CAN’T afford to let into office. Way to tie my hands, John!

  18. margaret | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    Let’s beat a dead horse, shall we?
    I think…if you calculate this by child labor standards that puts Mrs. Palin in the gamut of about 9 years working 2 jobs. I think most kids can’t (legally…ie deposit into Social Security?) start working until they’re 16. 16+9=25.

    Would that put it into perspective?

    Ridiculous comment anyway. There’s much said about experience and who has more to lead the country with. With all due respect to Senator McCain…his years of service cannot make up for the grossly under-serviced Palin. At least Obama and McCain have picked up some technology, traveled out of the country and worked 2 jobs. And, when pressed to discuss foreign policy they don’t insult the rest of the world with sound bites from the current administration and down play the merits of traveling abroad. Whether you can afford it or not…it will open your eyes and your mind more than “through mediums that have provided me a lot of perspective on the world.”

    Got news for you Sarah…our educational system, is just so bent on patriotism that we’ve negated and glossed over a lot of the BAD that our country is responsible for. So those mediums…aren’t as reliable as you’d like.

    I sure hope someone asks her about native peoples. I understand she has Inuit within her family. What does she think a McCain/Palin administration will do for native people? I wonder what native people think of her wanting to hunt from helicopters means for the ecology…for respect for the land and animals?

    I wonder a lot about her. But honestly, much like the current administration she’ll be a vice president that is frequently ABSENT. She has much less credentials than Cheney…and I believe it’d be safe to say with or without McCain (knock wood) she’d be a puppet for the party.

  19. Ed Early | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    Max, You better check the math! It’s like an SAT word problem … Palin worked 2 jobs until her children were born. She is 44 years old. Her oldest child is 19. Where do you come up with the conclusion that she must have worked two jobs until she was 16. We definitely need to improve public education.

  20. cp | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    Hey stupid,

    How do you figure the “liberals” are responsible for the subprime defaults or investment bank packaging and sale of subprime securities? Or the rating agencies inability to correctly assess the inherent risk of such securities? Clearly, you are a fan of Ms. Palin, and share her lack of intelligence. She is oblivious to the underlying economics and regulatory defaults that led to this crash, as are you. But I get it, 5 colleges, 5 years – explains it all.

  21. Dem and Proud of It | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    We’ll see how you feel when you have no money to buy food and no way to get it. That is what the Great Depression was all about and that is where we are headed. The $700 billion bailout is not what any of us desire, but its the only hope we have to allow the credit market to operate. You can thank King George and his cronies for this one. They’ve sold us down the river. Any middle class American who votes GOP will get what they deserve.

  22. Jon | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    what kind of crap math is that Max?

  23. jiz | Sep 29, 2008 | Reply

    “We shouldn’t second guess Israel’s security efforts because we cannot ever afford to send a message that we would allow a second Holocaust, for one.” Are you kidding me? I don’t think a second Holocaust is of grave concern at this point, at least not for the Jews, but maybe for LGBT.

    Yes it is obvious that she “understood the world is through education, through books, through mediums that have provided me a lot of perspective on the world.” These books must have been from 1945.

    I’m pretty sure Obama will win so I’m not going to stress about her taking over the free world.

  24. Barb | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    OK, she lives next door to Russia. Alaska trades with Russia. So maybe she has met with some Russian businessmen, she still didn’t know who Putin was until McCain’s people explained it to her. And why does she think Russia would fly over Alaska? Maybe she figures planes can’t fly over water. Even if they did fly over Alaska, what could she do about it, get in her helicopter and shoot them down with her rifle? This woman can’t answer simple questions, and whines about it when reporters press her for answers. Does she think world leaders are going to be easier than Katie Couric? Wow.

  25. a terrified voter | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    It absolutely terrifies me to think that this woman might soon be the second highest in command for this country simply because the Republican party has become a master at playing on the emotions of American voters. For those of us who KNOW that Palin is an undereducated, highly inexperienced, ultraconservative and who are not intimidated by her simply because she reveals to the American people that she is a fool, let me remind you of one thing: 2004 Presidential election. Never underestimate the ability of a bunch of rich, powerful men to know exactly what to say and do to become even more rich and powerful.

  26. Lori | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    what?!? I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  27. Barb | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    McCain revealed his true opinion of women when he chose Governor Fluff. 1). He wanted the Hilary vote, so he chose a woman who’s sole qualification is that she is a pretty, feisty little thing, yeehaw. 2). He believes that women will not realize that she is ridiculously unqualified and amazingly ignorant. Of course, he already revealed his opinion of women when he said it wouldn’t be fair to big business to give us equal pay (after all, women don’ support families, men do) and that we really just need more education (more women go to college than men.) Or did he reveal it much earlier, when he committed adultery and divorced his disable wife when he found his trophy wife? Of course, he also reveals his level of confusion. He thinks women don’t support families, yet his wife supports his family. John, take your geritol and retire.

  28. Ann | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    Are you freakin’ kidding me? Putting Palin on the ticket is a mockery of *all* accomplished women. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she hasn’t done things with her life, and indeed raising several children is very hard work – agreed. But that doesn’t make you qualified to be second in command of the most powerful nation on earth. It simply doesn’t. Just as living ‘a marine border away from Russia’ doesn’t qualify you to discuss foreign relations, as Palin so aptly showed in the interview. It was entirely unfair of the Repubs to do this to her, or to women generally. It was political opportunism at it’s worst. Having someone so grossly unqualified held out as an example of what it means to have a woman on the ticket can do nothing but ensure it will be another 10-20 years before it happens again. And I suspect many talented, and *qualifed* women, will be passed over in the meantime.

  29. bryan | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    we really going to let this person be in the second highest position in the government? there is no way in hell…she is clearly way over her head, and anyone who likes her should realize that and let her go.

  30. annika | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    As a life-long resident of Alaska,
    Sarah Palin has had a ring-side seat on what global warming is doing to Alaska. It should have inspired her to become informed about the issue of global warming, so that on this issue, at least, she has a knowledgeable opinion. However, probably due to her evangelical background, she does not believe global warming can be due to human efforts. If she is so ill-informed about an issue that should be of paramount importance to her as governor of Alaska, why should we all be surprised that she is ignorant of every other issue of world importance?

  31. Bertus | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    Ignorance we cannot believe in.

    No passport means that for her whole life, she decided that the other 97% of the world really doesn’t have anything that is worth seeing to learn from. If she is not part of “that culture”, what is she a part of? Those that stick their heads in the sand and think they know it all already?

    She doesn’t think that we should be involved in whether Isreal attacks Iran? Really? As our most important ally in the middle east, who does she think is going to have to step in if Israel is burning? Ignorance as our potential leader is something we should not accept as a possibility.

    “Yes”, she is somewhat of an average American. But, why in the world would we want an average person running the country? So, “no”, average is just not good enough to lead our country. Don’t we want exraordinary leaders? She is not that.

  32. Cela | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    We would never allow a “second holocaust”? Right, nowadays we just call it ethnic cleansing and turn the other cheek since those African nations aren’t about to go nuclear.

    Every nation has a right to defend itself, that’s a given. But promising blind, unconditional support to Israel is naive, stupid, irresponsible and dangerous.

    I was on the fence about whether to vote for McCain or Obama but Palin has definitely made the choice for me. There’s no way I could vote for McCain now…which is too bad since I think he would have been the better candidate.

    Palin scares me. Emotional, narrow, lacks perspective and experience, showy but insubstantial.

  33. John Montblanc | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    Enough of this math crap! Doesn’t anybody have anything else to contribute to this forum of opinions? Now, lets go back to the main topic, the election of the next leader of our country that will lead us out of this nightmare that Bush and his Republicans buddies created.

  34. Dan | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    To Heather, who’s apparently comparing Palin’s multitudinous and substantive displays of inexperience and lack of intelligence on issues of tremendous import to all Americans, to Biden’s completely innocuous misstatement when he said FDR addresssed the American people on television, instead of the radio, in 1929. If you were in Couric’s shoes you would have hammered him on that? Really?

    If this is the only way you can think of to defend Palin, it speaks volumes. You are as big a fool as she is.

  35. sean | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    As a citizen of a country which is not the US(even though I lived there as a legal citizen for over 4 years) I find it hilariois that Palin is a vp candidate! The rest of the world KNOWS Obama will win,just like we KNEW JW would not get reelected. Don’t you people see the world is laughing at you? Don’t you see that the Government knows best aproach, and the we are doing this in your best interest udeals are a scam? WAKE UP USA!! You are suposed to be the people qho guide the free world!! Can you not see the WHOLE WORLD is discontent with what is happening? I for one want old man Jhon to win. It will give us something to laugh about for the next 4 years. On that note I strongly suggest that GW get hia own TV show after it is all said and done. The raitings would be off the charts

  36. dave | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    I find the current turning of the tide interesting as journalists and Rep’s who backed Palin before are now starting to say she should withdraw. Personally I cannot wait for tomorrow’s “debate”…should provide some more excellent SNL skits. Maybe McCain didn’t really want to be president and that’s why he picked her.

  37. Lori B | Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    I read an article right after Sarah Palin was picked as McCain’s running mate in which one of her assistants in the governor’s office said that she did not have any business or cultural exchanges with Russia. They had tried to get her interested in doing that but so far she had not even bothered.

    I also am tired of hearing her say she plans on being an advocate for handicapped children when she cut funding for the Special Olympics in her state. Maybe she should start with her own handicapped child and go from there.

  38. Mary | Oct 1, 2008 | Reply

    Palin makes me feel like I’m on drugs.

  39. Irene | Oct 1, 2008 | Reply

    Do the math Max. It’s 25 not 16. Almost a decade of difference.

  40. Tony | Oct 1, 2008 | Reply

    Katie said:
    “Sarah Palin does not need the left wing media to remain popular. We already know what she stands for and that is personal responsibilty. Her very being exposes the left for the hypocrites that they are. Suddenly there is a limit to how many children a working mother can have or how much she can achieve. An outdoor woman who loves guns and doesn’t believe in global warming. My hero.”

    You are a moron. I know that is rude, but I am sick of you neo-cons trying to ruin this country with your circular logic. This statement is so filled with logical inconsistencies that I dare not even dissect it. One point though, if she stands for personal responsibility why is she trying to stifle the investigation into her Bush-like antics in trooper-gate? Sounds like more of the same ‘above-the-law’ philosophy to me.

  41. From Mexico | Oct 1, 2008 | Reply

    I think Palin is ridiculous, but to the people arguing that the difference of age between 44 and 19 is 25 years, do you actually believe she worked literally ALL her life? like what kind of job do you think a 6 months old could do? or a two year old? are you just being think? or plain stupid?

  42. Jean | Oct 1, 2008 | Reply

    Sarah Palin is an air head,who knows nothing about anything it seems. She couldn’t even get her own pregnant daughter to keep her legs closed. Then allowed the world to know about it so she could get her moment in the sun. No real mother sells her children down the drain–for ANYTHING. She makes ALL women look bad. I feel sorry for her children. I don’t condem them. They have no “real” mother.

    I wonder what’s in anyone’s head, who supports her. No I don’t–AIR!!! We don’t need the non reading air headed “beer people” anywhere other than on their couches–drinking beer–and getting more air in their heads!

  43. Sam | Oct 1, 2008 | Reply

    Anyone who seriously thinks that Sarah Palin is qualified to possibly be president, for four years, when our country is in the state it is in, is just stupid. How can you think that she is after these two interviews? It’s unbelievable. She studied journalism. JOURNALISM!!! She was the mayor of a town of 9,000 people, which, if you can’t tell, is tiny. She was governor of Alaska, but wasnt too good at that. Now McCain, in need of shallow votes to get the presidency, picks a woman who hes met once, and is obviously underqualified. She isnt even smart. She doesnt know anything, and she should not be in the position she is in today.

  44. Scary!!! | Oct 1, 2008 | Reply

    Palin is the female version of Dubya!

  45. M. Seeley | Oct 2, 2008 | Reply

    What planet are you on?? Are you the least bit aware of the deficit spending we’ve been subjected to by your “conservative” buddies in this administration and Congress for the past 8 years? Had Liberals gotten us into this ungodly mess your screams could be heard in the next galaxy fer’ cryin’ out loud.

    Try drinking a bit less next post, eh?

  46. Tiffany | Oct 2, 2008 | Reply

    Don’t you mean 25?

  47. tod | Oct 2, 2008 | Reply

    Do you believe in Dinosaurs?

  48. gale | Oct 2, 2008 | Reply

    I don’t get why people are saying this interview series with katie was so bad. I think what you have hear are honest non polished inside washington d c crap. I think there far better then that polished talk of someone that has been in D C talking carp. Tell me what was so wrong with her answers? I have seen Obama answer questions and had me wondering is he ready? I have seen Biden just down right lie, like when he was in ohio they weren’t for coal.But when he is in PA they are for coal. Yet Gov. Palin the first women on the top ticket in the GOP is a barbie doll. SEXIST MALE CRAP! I am sick of it. Her answers where not that bad, but you would think by the news she was a child with a mental illness not a siting GOV of a large state.

  49. e | Oct 2, 2008 | Reply

    Gale: “Her answers where not that bad”

    “not that bad” is good enough for this country? Is this how LOW our standards have fallen? That she “survived”, as they said on commentary after the debate, is GOOD ENOUGH?

    Falling back constantly on rhetoric and giving insubstantial answers during the debate must have been good enough for you, but it isn’t good enough for me. At all.

    I also didn’t appreciate her winking at me, nor her anchorwoman persona that seems to be a convincing facsimile of leadership ability to many people. That might fly reading cuecards on the 6 oclock news but not in the whitehouse.


  50. Kristy | Oct 3, 2008 | Reply

    Why do people keep giving importance to the size of Alaska? Alaska is the state with the largest area, but the state with the least amount of area actually has a larger population! Alaska has almost 700,000 residents and Rhode Island has over 1,000,000. So, being GOV over a lot of land doesn’t seem very important to me. It’s how they deal with responsibility that is important.

  51. John | Oct 3, 2008 | Reply

    Is Palin qualified? Well, you have to admit that we’ve set the bar awfully low by electing Bush not once, but twice! She’s probably more qualified than he was (or is).

  52. Alicia | Oct 4, 2008 | Reply

    Some of you people on here are really idiots. John, at least Bush knows what the f$$$ is going on in the world. Palin thinks proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience. Kelly- what the hell are you talking about? You’re gonna vote based on “personal responsibility” rather than try and select someone with leadership experience or at least someone up on current events?! And to all you other women voting for Palin b/c you think she’s a cool hockey mom with firearms, please stay home on election day. You are selecting the new leader of the free world, not voting for mom of the year within the PTA. As a republican, I am voting for Obama because it is stupid to simply vote within your party without examining the credentials and policies of both parties. I hope more people do the same. Palin is dangerously stupid. Please take your blinders off and see her for who she is. She does not belong in the white house. Her selection by McCain alone should send you running for the left because McCain may not be long for this world and then we’re stuck with this dingbat representing us.

  53. dee | Oct 4, 2008 | Reply

    i think many of you will enjoy this…$$$/watch?v=7DIc8jdra0o
    (even if you’re not scared of palin becoming vp)

  54. sb | Oct 5, 2008 | Reply

    If Palin had “personal responsibility” regarding being chosen as a running mate, she would have said, “I’m flattered and thank you but must decline due to my lack of experience”. She did not show personal responsibility. It was narcissistic to accept. Like others have said, this is not the PTA. We’re talking about a role which affects the entire globe. And speaking of The Globe, commenter asking, “do you believe in dinosaurs?” made me crack up. Thanks for that comment. Some things just “Are”, whether we “believe in them” or not. My husband is a Ph.D. environmental scientist from Harvard who is invited around the world to lecture at scientific conventions about global warming. He and his group (as well as others) shared the nobel peace prize with Al Gore. I do not say this to brag but to let Miss “Yay Sarah likes guns and is my kinda gal” know that Global Warming is real. Yeah, she looks good and speaks well, as long as you don’t listen to the content. She has guts for being up there but, again, it was narcissistic to waste everyone’s time. It’s scary that some Americans will surely be dumb enough to vote for her just because she looks good and our culture is obsessed with good looks. Social Psychology studies show that attractive people are attributed with positive qualities they do not actually have. And, here we go, a la Palin. And for those who are deeper and thinking people, I’m glad she is able to help Obama win. Hope she’ll be successful in this role!

  55. alicia | Oct 6, 2008 | Reply

    You are a liar. You cannot possibly be voting for Obama based on his experience. If so, what experience is that? The fact that he has run an election campaign? We are not able to see any of his State Senate records, so I wonder, beyond words – what is he? I side with Palin on the issues more than I do with McCain. Any democrat probably sides with McCain on the issues more than Obama. The Democrats have done such a bang up job with social security and the housing industry ( that’s Barney Frank, Frank Raines, Chris Dodd) that we should put them in charge our health care system? What do you guys like about Obama? That he is not Bush? I’ll take Bush.

  56. Opal | Oct 9, 2008 | Reply

    You are a liar. You cannot possibly be voting for Obama based on his experience. If so, what experience is that? The fact that he has run an election campaign? We are not able to see any of his State Senate records, so I wonder, beyond words – what is he? I side with Palin on the issues more than I do with McCain. Any democrat probably sides with McCain on the issues more than Obama. The Democrats have done such a bang up job with social security and the housing industry ( that’s Barney Frank, Frank Raines, Chris Dodd) that we should put them in charge our health care system? What do you guys like about Obama? That he is not Bush? I’ll take Bush.”

    She clearly said the party’s credential’s alone, not Obama’s. Get it right please. Secondly, let’s be real, one strong breeze and McCain is going to die. You’ll take a haphazard ex governer over a moore prepared senator? and what about biden’s experience? that doesnt count either?

    When you vote for a president, you must take into consideration their running mate and potential picks for cabinet. McCain has chosen Palin, a woman who is oblivious about damn near everything.. who else will he appoint? Obama has chosen someone more experienced and well versed than he, doesnt it show something?

    What do i like about Obama? i like a presidential candidate who wants to get something done for the majority of the country, and doesnt mind asking questions and talking things out before he pisses more people off elsewhere, because lest we forget, we are NO LONGER the most powerful country in the world? WOMP

    God bless Bush’s terms are up, because i’m convinced an idiot like you really would vote for him again.

  57. Heather | Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    In my opinion, I feel that pretty much EVERYONE in the media is picking on McCain and Palin, especially Palin! Just because Obama can throw in a few fancy words and dance around things so well and throw money at everyone ($480,000,000??) Gimme a freakin break!! His face is everywhere, his ads are everywhere, anything he says is everywhere. Why is he so much more qualified than Palin?? He sure as heck isn’t more qualified than McCain!
    I agree, I think people (even some of you “republicans”) are just voting for Obama because he is “not another Bush”
    How the heck do you know that? What is his record really? Not record that he says is his record, but his REAL record! He bad mouths everything that the republicans do, yet, what has he done? Isn’t he in the same Senate as McCain? I mean last I knew Senators were in America right? Why doesn’t anyone hold Obama responsible for anything? Why don’t we hear more about Obama saying ” I WOULDN’T PUNISH MY DAUGHTER WITH A CHILD” or “ALL 57 STATES, WITH, I THINK 2 MORE TO GO”??? than we do about how Palin winked? That’s ridiculous! Why don’t we hear more about Obama’s ties to a country and people who hate America? WAKE UP!!!
    I think it was Katie Couric’s only mission to try to humiliate Palin! I think she did her best to try to make Palin look stupid! I lost any amount of respect I had for Katie Couric (David Letterman AND CBS!), just for that simple fact! She really did try to humiliate this woman of so many wonderful accomplishments that she IS qualified to be VP and IS qualified to take over my country if the need arises!
    Why don’t we hear more about Obama going to the Jeremiah Right church for what was it, 20 years, than we do about how the Palin’s kids are named “funny”. Why isn’t Obama’s parenting questioned like Palin’s has been?
    I’m sickened that our country has become so divided that even the national news media tries to humiliate someone who is brave enough to accept this nomination!
    How many days long was the interview with Obama?
    Oh why doesn’t anyone talk about how Obama has rejected our flag, our national anthem? How he removes our flag even??
    Why do we just hear about the things that the media considers negative about the republican candidates?
    I mean really? $480,000,000??? That’s how much money Obama is spending on HIMSELF. During this economic crisis and he has the nerve to criticize McCain for putting publicity on hold?! Who the hell does he think he is? Why are all of you so damn ignorant!?
    I can’t tell you how many people have told me they were voting for Obama just because he “is not another Bush”
    Bush has done some very great things for this country. Where are those facts?
    I’ll shut up now!
    I’m just so disgusted with the way everyone is behaving this election. Why wont anyone try to get the facts before they criticize or judge the other?

  58. Jean | Oct 23, 2008 | Reply

    1. On foreign policy, Russia being near Alaska
    Indeed that sounded like such a foolish answer BUT.. what if Sarah Palin had at the back of her mind when she started to respond, her TOP SECRET involvement as governor because of this proximity,then realized that that was not for public consumption & stopped in her track?

    2. On the 5 colleges in 5 years.. Don’t make it sound like she made the transfers because she got expelled or couldn’t hack the academic work! Her moving around has been explained elsewhere & it’s not because she was shifty nor dumb.. By the way,I don’t know how the info was accessible, but if her IQ is 120, that is for a bright normal, certainly not a moron. I supppose she could have gotten into Harvard too esp if there were a quota for her special group of Pentecostals. According to the experts, there are many types of intelligence. How many of these does she have? How many would she need if she were to become vice president? I think Katie Couric is a decade or so older.. How much polish could Sara Palin acquire in a decade amongst the polished elite if she were to become vice-president? I assure you, she would not even need a decade. Well,agreeing without conceding that she is dumb… What is the moral value of that compared to plagiarizing more than once as Joe Biden is supposed to have done? I need to look up the meaning of moral turpitude.

    She just turned 44… What has she done with her life in those short years? Granting exposure counts and she has not been exposed to the kind of things by which she is now being judged.. It would not take long for her to know basic ideas much less data. Her kind of person__ her character and values will allow that.

    3. On John McCain maybe not “having long” on this earth… Age is maybe one, but not by any means the singular and conclusive predictor of how long ANYONE of us will be on this earth. Anyone of us can go at any time…no one knows.

    4. If Sarah Palin were not good looking, would people be more kind? Here is a woman who remains feminine and does not attempt to look like a man or be a man-hater to achieve what she has achieved. She has spirituality that she is not ashamed to acknowledge before the whole world..She has strong family values and a loving and supportive husband and extended family. Do these just come naturally, or are they achieved by certain kinds of people with certain kinds of qualities? Maybe, some Palin haters are jealous and don’t even know it?

    I am voting Republican.

    The experts say neither of the presidential candidates will be able to do much about the economy anyway; Also, capitalism has failed this time, but we at least know why. It’s not a reason to ditch it. Would Socialism be better? “Redistribute the wealth”.. That’s scary.

    From their campaign talk it seems that Mr OBama will try to do (Joe Biden spoke in riddles, I wonder what that will be?)something different on the war on terror. Dancing before my eyes are 9/11, the beheadings on TV. USS Cole & all the other atrocities that we do know of and not just speculating on…

    Postscript: On George Bush.

    The economic crisis is not George Bush’s nor the Republican Party’s fault. The war in Iraq is not George Bush’s fault. Did either happen on one man’s say-so? Anyway, why do many people tacitly assume that we would be at peace and no one would have died had we not gone to Iraq and Afghanistan?

  59. Jean | Oct 23, 2008 | Reply


  60. David Starke Florida | Oct 25, 2008 | Reply

    Sara dont even know what a pre-condition is…
    She is a looser…

  61. Virgil | Oct 30, 2008 | Reply

    $480,000,000.00 dollars in donations. Yes. If the man can raise $480,000,000.00 in donations. Donations! I’d love to see what he could do with the mess we’re in now. And yes my dollars are part of that $480,000,000.00 that you love to keep throwing around. If he’d raised $48.00 you’d b$$$$ that he couldn’t raise money for his own campaign. You’re so simple.

  62. Heloise | Nov 1, 2008 | Reply


    Wow…what parallel universe are you living in?The $480,000,000 you’re obsessed with was not “thrown at everyone” by Obama, but rather thrown at Obama by everyone…his supporters.

    And, by the way, most of it was raised in very small increments by working class people, such as myself, while most of McCain’s campaign money came from private fundraisers and lobbyists.

    “How is Obama so much more qualified than Palin?” Are you serious? How about the fact that McCain tried to trash Obama for being ‘inexperienced’, and then abandoned that refrain when he picked as his running mate someone who’s been governor of the least populous state for only 2 years?
    How about the fact that Obama went to Harvard Law School and taught Constitutional Law at a university, while Palin went to school for journalism and didn’t know who Putin was until she became a candidate for VP?

    “Obama’s ties to a country and people who hate America?” And who might that be? I don’t know where you’re getting this questionable info, but here’s news…FACT: Palin’s HUSBAND was involved with a group who tried to get Alaska to SECEDE from the lower 48. Patriotic, huh?

    And when did “throwing fancy words around” become a bad thing? Just because a candidate (Obama) can handle himself eloquently, avoid embarassing himself on national TV, and make logical points does not mean he has something to hide or is trying to personally insult you. It probably just reflects the fact that he went to the best law school in the country.

    “Obama has rejected our flag, our national anthem.” Again: WRONG. I mean, I can see why you would resent Obama if that were true, I would too. But it’s simply not. It’s a scare tactic. Obama cares deeply about helping our people come together, why else would he have been a community organizer?

    What about the $150,000 spent on Palin’s wardrobe for the campaign? Why didn’t you mention that, since you seem to be quite the ameteur financial adviser?

    “Why won’t anyone try to get the facts before they criticize or judge others?” Was it not you, Heather, who called all of the people on this blog “so damn ignorant” 4 sentences earlier? Did you “get the facts” about these people before you judged/criticized them? Silly me, of course you did. You’re no hypocrite. You’re votin’ for Sarah Palin. Darn Right.

  63. Pretty Polly | Dec 17, 2008 | Reply

    “No, I’ve worked all my life. In fact, I usually had two jobs all my life until I had kids.” Governor Palin is 44. Her oldest child is 19. So apparently, she held two jobs all her life — until she was 16.”

    Until she was twenty-five.
    44 – 19 = 25

    Not that it matters by now.

  64. jennifer | Jul 6, 2009 | Reply

    “good guys” “bad guys” … .
    I’m no polished politician, but I don’t even talk like that!!

    i don’t think she knows what the word “specifically” means.

  65. glorenzsonn | Jul 9, 2009 | Reply

    Palin is 44 – oldest child is 19. She was 25 when she had her oldest child. Max, where in the world did you go to school? I hope it wasn’t in the US. Are US schools really that bad?

  66. mike | Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    nobody was “ambushed”. it’s called journalism. people who want to run the country have to answer a few questions.

    they coached her so she would know a few names and a few talking points. beyond that, this palin woman is clearly an ignoramus. she is attractive to other stupid people who don’t want to do the work necessary to understand the world, they want to go (like Stephen Colbert always jokes) w/their “gut”.

    when asked: what magazines and newspapers do you read? (a very honest & easy question to answer), palin said: “all of them”. Couric (a soft-ball pitcher / non-journalist if there ever was one), actually did the rare FOLLOW UP question:

    “which ones, specifically?”

    Palin: “ummmmmm, errrrr, ahhhhhh, any of the ones THEY put in front of me.”

    this fool couldn’t conjur up the smarts to say: “I read the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, some local and foreign newspapers. Sometimes the NY Times.” or something to that effect.

    She was a JOURNALISM MAJOR during her multiple community college “academic” career.

    i’m an independent and i usually know an IDIOT when i see/hear one. Sarah Palin is an IDIOT.

  67. f | Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    “Hurray for Katie?” Mabye we should both reserve our judgment for either Ms. palin or Ms. Couric until the reader is “allowed” to read “all” the transcripts- something that the CBS Evening News and Ms. Couric are fighting against. Mabye if we could read everything they talked about it will actually prove that Palin was right when she said that they actually had hours of interviews, of constant badgering and peppering and interrogations with the same questions being asked over and over agin by Couric- just to try to trip Palin up. And that what we finally got to see on tv was the bad image that Couric wanted of Palin. Mabye we should get the whole story?

  68. David M. | Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    I love the guy Max who states that Palin is 44 and her oldest is 19 meaning that she stopped working at 16??? Let’s see 44 – 19 = 25!!!! Someone needs to go back to school and learn to count

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