Ryan Seacrest On Quirky Behavior

Ryan Seacrest On Quirky Behavior – He hasn’t quite been the same Ryan that we have all known and gotten to love on American Idol. Lately, his personality has changed a bit and America has noticed. Whether it be just how badly he has been criticizing Simon Cowell or to how he has been making up nicknames for both the contestants and the judges that are a bit out of the ordinary. It is no doubt that he has raised some questions and concerns from the viewers. Well it’s true because thousands of people has reported the change and this weeks show definitely showed how bad things can get. With some guitar playing, an insult on the season one co. host Brian Dunkleman, and a strange chat with his mother that occurred on the air, as well as his man to man slow dance that he performed during Tim Urban’s performance, something has clearly been different. Well Ryan has made an announcements and recognized the change and also stated why his personality has been a bit “quirky.”

The Los Angeles Times tracked him down for the interview and spoke with the American Idol announcer Ryan Seacrest to ask him about what has been going on and just how he feels about how Simon will be leaving the show. Seacrest’s answers might not be as detailed as you may want but he said “I was just having some fun, we’ve done this show for nine years. When they take me out in the audience, sometimes the energy out there takes me to a different place. I looked at the people and I was just having fun Tuesday night. That guy looked like the most inappropriate person to dance with, so i figured, ‘Let’s pick him up and just dance with him for a second’.” He also said that with his mom in the audience he was just in a good mood. Maybe we’ve been a bit hard on Ryan and things are as normal as they could be.

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