Russell Hantz Booted Off Survivor For Now

Fans of the tv show “Survivor” got a shock and maybe a welcomed one when contestant Russell Hantz got booted off the show -well sort off.

He’ll be back in a duel in next week’s episode to see if he’ll survive on the show. It was the Tribal Council that came up with the final challenge to get this guy off the show as fans and others on the reality series were growing continually annoyed by Russel Hantz’s behavior.

The insults in the latest Survivor episode were on the brutal side and not too many fun things happened other than Hantz getting his comeuppance and that next week’s show is going to be probably watched by everyone who has ever seen the show.

Even though Russell Hantz may be a person that no one likes, he’s sure to have kept the ratings going and next week’s show will be interesting to say the least.

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