Russell Brand/Chris Brown On Saturday Night Live Season 36 Episode 15- SNL S36e15

Saturday Night Live Season 36, Episode 15 which was hosted by Russell Brand and featured Chris Brown aired last night on NBC.

The episode which was presented by British funnyman Russell Brand had a lot of jokes on the Royal Family, lots of talks about tight trousers and some tips for those who might get hurt while watching a performance of Spiderman the Broadway show.

Here is the recap of the episode:

Bill O’Reilly-Barack Obama Cold Open:

This was an interesting skit where a very rude Bill O’Reilly played his Super Bowl Sunday sitdown with President Barack Obama.
In the sketch that seriously looked like the real interview the Fox News host repeatably interrupted and contradicted the president.

Russell Brand Monologue:

A mildly funny monologue where Russell mocked himself for being a British comedian and all of the things that come along with it including, tight pants, defending the queen and speaking funny.
He also shared some of the real problems that he has been having with new wife Katy Perry.

Vacation Giveaway:

We have seen this one before but once more wild and screaming Cheryl Bryant did a great job surprising Gregory Slims on live TV with a dream vacation, but had a hard time getting him excited seeing that he was too busy drinking his beer and focusing on the upcoming curtain sale.

Royal Taster:
If you have not seen The King’s Speech – well this was some kind of parody of the critically acclaimed movie where the king played by Brand who was busy killing all of his subjects and never came to the realization that those who were left behind may want to kill him for murdering their love ones.

Spider-Man Lawsuit:
This hilarious piece focused on the law firm of Gublin and Green that mainly has clients who either attended or worked on the ‘Spider-Man’ show on Broadway and got injured.
The lawyers will represent you and get you at least two tickets for your pain.

British Movie:
This was maybe one of the best skits of the night that focused on a British film called ‘Don’ You Go Rounin’ Roun to Re Ro’ where no one is able to understand it due to the weird English accent.

Chris Brown took the stage to perform his latest single called ‘Yeah 3x’ off his upcoming FAME CD.
His singing was not all that brilliant but his dance moves were rather impressive.

Weekend Update: Stefon
During this week’s Update Seth invited City correspondent Stefon to share with the viewers the best places for Valentine’s weekend in New York City and as usual he talked about weird things like Jewish Cupids called Jewpids.

Weekend Update: Hosni Mubarak

Former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak sat down with Seth about the new developments in his life and all of the money that he stole from his people.

Weekend Update: Lil’ Wayne and Eminem

The piece is perfect for Valentine’s Day with Rap legends Lil’ Wayne and Eminem trying to perform a love song while talking talking about knifes and killing.

Livin’ Single:
Brand was beyond funny with a very single host Dina DeAngelos getting freaky with her guest chef much to the dismay of her friend, DJ Terry who is deeply in love with her.

A Spot of Tea:

This skit was very confusing and dealt with three elderly British ladies having a hard time taking sips of their hot tea thanks to an earthquake.

George Washington:

This last sketch was short but good and featured Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner using a time machine to meet a very confused George Washington whom the first female speaker of the House ended up killing.

Chris Brown: No BS

Musical guest Chris Brown performed “No BS” and tried to seduce his female fans.

Overall it was a pretty solid episode where Brand who remained himself during the entire episode made us laugh many times.

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