Rupert Murdoch Slams Bill O’Reilly

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch Slams Bill O’Reilly – Rupert Murdoch has caused a stir this week in a new interview, with Australian Financial Review in which he had some very harsh words for one of FOX News biggest stars, O’Reilly:

“Bill O’Reilly gets Hillary Clinton on. He’s disgraceful the way he gives her such an easy ride.”

On the other hand the Australian had nothing but warm praises for Tea Party leading voice, Glenn Beck:

“He is a little bit of an actor, he looks in the camera all the time,” he explained. “He’s very genuine, extremely well-read libertarian, doesn’t make any secret of it. He says don’t trust the government, don’t trust me, just trust yourselves. He’s hit a nerve. Millions — millions — watch him at five in the afternoon!”

The content of this interview seems a little bit questionable, why would Murdoch go after one of his ratings magnets like that and call Beck an actor. This seems bad for business, unless he is trying to get rid of them.

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