Running Wilde Season 1 Episode 2: Watch Into The Wilde Online S01E02

Running Wilde Season 1 Episode 2: Watch Into The Wilde Online S01E02 – Running Wilde season 1 episode 2 titled “Into the Wilde” written by Dean Lorey and directed by Alex Hardcastle aired last night on the FOX television network. The episode offered a huge improvement compared to last week’s pilot that was small on laughter.

“Running Wilde” is not your conventional love story by any means. The story follows Steven Wilde played by Will Arnett and Emmy Kadubic played by Keri Russell who were childhood sweethearts who have grown apart. Emmy was looking to save their relationship but Steve had other ideas for his life. Now that they are all grown up, Emmy has a 12 year old daughter and is back in the States after a short stint in the Amazon rain forest.

She runs into Steve, and the two of them hit it off. The show is a twisted comedy and love story that is unlike any other on television at the moment. They have done a good job of using Arnett’s character, who is very much like the one he played in “Arrested Development” at times. However, the writers make it clear that they are running a completely different direction.

Most would call the new show “silly,” but it is done in a way that the audience will be able to appreciate. It is not the off the wall humor that we are used to from Arnett, and instead all of the jokes seem to remain within the story line and relevant to what is happening in the show.

The love story may be at the heart of the show, but it certainly does not receive the most screen time. We only see hints of the love story in between comedic scenes that usually feature Arnett.

Overall a pretty good episode, “Into The Wilde” may have put Running Wilde on a decent artistic path.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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