Rubicon Season 1 Finale 2010: Episode 13 You Never Can Win S01E13

Rubicon Season 1 Finale/Rubicon Season 1 Episode 13 called “You Never Can Win” aired this evening on AMC.
Seeing that the series will most-likely have a season 2 the writers chose not to wrap up all of the lose end nor to to go out with a bang.

However executive producer Henry Bromell was able to use “You Never Can Win” to answer few questions that have been bugging us since the show premiered.

This week we learned that Will came back to API and revealed to Maggie that Katherine is dead.
We also discovered that Rhumor was working with David Hadas.

But there is more to this spider web – Spangler explained that he did care deeply for David Hadas but he had to kill him for the greater good and went on to say that Will will eventually understand.

There has been some major changes at the American Policy Institute (API) also:
Will has been demoted by Spanger due to his countless absences,meanwhile Tanya decided to quit because she realizes that she can not longer to this anymore.Grant who was recently promoted was extremely sad to see her leave because she is a good analyst.

The episode ended with a nice twist while staring at the four-leaf clover that Spangler just left on the ledge of the rooftop, Will concludes that Spangler will die soon.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Rubicon season 1 episode 13.

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