Rubicon Season 1 Episode 7: Watch The Truth Will Out Online S01E07

Rubicon Season 1 Episode 7: Watch The Truth Will Out Online S01E07 – Rubicon season 1 episode 7 called “The Truth Will Out” aired last night on AMC.
It was a very intense episode where we learned at the beginning of the installment that due to a leak/security breach API was under lockdown for the entire day and that everyone had to take a lie detector test in order to catch the culprit.
Needless to say that the introduction the polygraph test enabled us to discover things we never knew or even imagined about the characters.

Here is what happened in the episode:

During Grant’s polygraph test he kept on insisting that did not cheat on his wife which prompted the woman administrating the test to flatly tell him that he had already done it -in his mind.
Has he been really cheating on his wife?

As for Tanya things went from bad to worst-she lied about everything and was eventually forced to confess that she has been using illegal drugs.

Will more or less lost it after after the polygrapher revealed something about working on a polygraph for David Hadas.
Unable to focus on the questions being posed by the interrogator Will concentrated on why David was under investigation and slipped deeper into paranoia when he was asked to talk about his own friends.

Next up we heard Miles confessing that he and his wife have been separated for several months and revealing that had breach the protocol by taking a file out of the office.

The last man to take the test was Spangler who at the beginning gave a whole speech about how this was a waste of time, do they know how important he is blah, blah.
After clearing his chest he agreed to answer the questions and the show ended without us seeing what happened to him- in all logic seeing that he is a pro he lied his way out and passed the test.
It was a very solid episode with lots of character development to say the least.
What are your thoughts on the fact that Spangler has connection to Atlas MacDowell who hired Edward Roy?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Rubicon episode 7.

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