Royal Wedding 2011 TV Plans

Two billion people.

That’s the rough estimate of how many will be watching the latest royal wedding between Prince William and his bride to be Kate Middleton on April 29.

With that many people watching, roughly one third of the people on the planet Earth. The event will look like a military operation with almost 8,000 press, not including bloggers, trucks, and more.

Although the wedding is being held in a small area, the curiosity is so vast as to set records for the viewership of a public event outside of the Oscar ceremonies.

In a way, it’s good to see that a wedding will grab the headlines instead some warfare or disaster. This event may bring more people together for peaceful purposes and get people to value that the more important things in life just might be love and marriage, family and friends. Since movies, sports, and now a marriage are the big ratings getters, perhaps the governments of the world will celebrate these kinds of events more often and get our attention on what really matters in life instead of the bickering and squabbling of politicians and the like.

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