Roxy Olin The City Season 2

Roxy Olin The City Season 2

Roxy Olin The City Season 2 – Roxy Olin from ABC’s drama “Brothers & Sisters” will be on your TV screen more often than usual.Olin will be playing Whitney Port’s new roommate in “The City” when the show returns on Tuesday (10:30 p.m. EST) on MTV.Here is what Roxy Olin had to say about her new gig with her childhood friend Whitney.
How did you become friends with Whitney Port?

I met Whitney when we were in high school. I’ve grown up with Whitney and I danced with her for four years in high school, and our boyfriends were best friends, so we were always friends. We went our separate ways, but we reconnected instantly. We hang out everyday.

Have you ever had a roommate?

I had one for like a month and I was done with it. It was a friend of mine but we don’t talk anymore. I was nervous about being roommates [with Whitney]. But we’re pretty good roommates. I’d say our drama comes down more in the workplace than at home.

The new season of “The City” will focus on Whitney new position at ‘People’s Revolution’,her new life as a single girl who is ready to mingle and you will be able to follow her as she faces the many challenges that come with working in the family business. Are you happy that Port is getting a new roommate ?Are you longing to see the endless dramas and meltdowns that will occur this season?
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