Rodney Alcala: 48 Hours Mystery The Killing Game

Rodney Alcala: 48 Hours Mystery The Killing Game – In the premiere of this season’s “48 Hours,” they finished the work that was started by Harold Dow before he unexpectedly died last month. He had been investigated the story of Rodney Alcala. The story was the final one that the award winning journalist investigated, and was dedicated to him.
He had a number of interviews with the ex-girlfriend of Alcala, as well as a number of girls that he had approached investigators, and family members of the victims. In honor of Dow, the premiere was presented by his nephew, Jay Dow.

Rodney Alcala was believed to have committed his first crime in September 1968, when police were called to a home where it was believed that a little girl had been abducted. Inside of the home, police found an 8 year old girl who was badly beaten and barely alive, with a bar restricting her airflow. The girl was able to live, but Alcala, the man who was responsible, would live to kill another day.

In 1979, 12 year old Robin Samsoe and her good friend, Bridget Wilvurt, happened upon a photographer while on the beach who wanted to take their picture. The girls allowed the man to take their picture, but later that night Robin disappeared, never to be seen again. Twelve days later her body was found at a remote location more than 40 miles from where she had last been.
The interviews were frighteningly candid, a skill that Dow had worked his whole life developing. “The Killing Game” is a testament to a long career that will likely never be replicated again.

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