Robert De Niro & Diddy-Dirty Money On Saturday Night Live Season 36 Episode 8


Saturday Night Live /SNL – Season 36, Episode 8 which was hosted by Robert De Niro and featured Diddy-dirty Money as musical guests aired last night on NBC.
Let us find out how the talented Robert De Niro did by breaking down the episode:

Cold Open: WikiLeaks: TMZ : It looked like a normal political opener with Fred Armisen’s Obama talking about the Afghanistan war when suddenly Julian Assange, aka Mr. Wikileaks took over our TV’s to present what he called “Wikileaks: TMZ” for some juicy political scandals that included Hilary Clinton flashing her private parts.

Monologue: Robert De Niro : The legendary actor kept confusing the Big Apple with countless other states in a piece that was not very funny.

Harlan Kane’s The Abacus Conundrum:
A hilarious faux commercial where De Niro plays a writer a la Dan Brown who comes up with the craziest titles for his novels.

What Up With That? :
Robin Williams appeared in the side splitting skit where Kenan Thompson just kept on singing with his greasy hair.

From the Garden with Mr. Produce:
This was a pretty dull skit thanks to De Niro who kept on messing up his lines

Party at Mr. Bernards:
This sketch was inspired by Weekend at Bernie’s but sadly it was not as funny nor as well written the classic movie.

Musical Guest: Diddy-dirty Money :
The group performed “Coming Home” and the Swizz Beatz-assisted “Ass on the Floor” and I was praying for the performances to end.
Remember when Diddy was a hit maker?

Weekend Update:The Kardashians made appearance, so did Spiderman too bad the forgot to include few jokes in there.

Little Fockers Fan:
Bobby Moynihan played an overly excited 13-year old movie buffs who insulted De Niro over and over.
Ben Stiller even had a brief cameo.

The Blizzard Man :Not the best sketch of the night but it was pretty funny was seeing De Niro in drago.

La Rivista Della Televisione:
Another skit that was supposed to fail bu having Vedecci tricking De Niro into saying “Are you talking to me?” from Taxi Driver made it all worth while.

Bosley Hair Restoration :When this first aired in September in was nasty and last night we realized that it is still nasty.

Who Do I Have To Screw? :Ben Stiller popped back again for a freaky sketch about screwing old men.

Overall it was a pretty decent episode of SNL, let us hope they continue down that path.

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