Rielle Hunter On Oprah:Talks John Edwards Affair

Rielle Hunter Oprah VIDEO

Rielle Hunter On Oprah:Talks John Edwards Affair – John Edwards’ mistress came forward to Oprah Winfrey and disclosed that the former presidential candidate’s wife had no knowledge or involvement in the situation until well after he had given a speech and been interviewed by ABC News on the matter. Bob Woodruff was the correspondent for ABC News to whom he came clean about the affair. John Edwards’ mistress was quoted saying some alarming things:

“There is a sex tape.I don’t think there was a lot of thought going on in the heat of the moment. It was a–you know, something behind closed doors that was private and I believe should remain private. So it was–it was meant for that. And then after the fact, though, of doing this, because of being a public person and because of it being taped, we said, ‘Well, that was not a great idea. Let’s do something to prevent anyone from seeing it, because we don’t want anyone to see our private business.”
Rielle Hunter said that John Edwards came clean with Elizabeth Edwards after the interview which took place in August 2008.

Hunter told Oprah Winfery that the only people who knew the truth about the event told John Edwards that he should not to do interview and he should keep the secrets to himself. However, Hunter also said that Elizabeth Edwards urged him to do the interview but that she had no idea what the actual truth was.
Hunter appeared on Thursday’s episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” where she reveled that John Edwards did admit in January that he and her have a 2-year-old daughter together and added:
“picked up and said, ‘Hey baby.’ And she hung up on me… He calls me back a little later saying that it’s over. We’re done. I assumed that she was standing there when he said that and he was in a traumatic state. His worlds had just collided. And he hung up the phone. I didn’t cry. I had the thought, ‘What do you mean we’re over? We’re just getting started.”
She confirmed that Edwards and Elizabeth are no longer together and have since separated from each other because of what happened.

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