Rick Sanchez Jon Stewart Bigot SCANDAL

Rick Sanchez Jon Stewart Bigot SCANDAL – Just as Keith Olbermann predicted, Rick Sanchez has been fired from his post at CNN after he called “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart a “bigot” during a radio broadcast that was made on satellite radio. The company thanked Rick for his service, and wished him well, but made it very apparent that they were not going to tolerate that kind of behavior from their anchors.

Sanchez is the 52 year old host of the program “Rick’s List” that appeared on the radio show titled “Stand Up! With Peter Dominick. It first aired on Thursday, and Sanchez made a number of comments about other analysts that quickly spread around the internet, garnering him criticism.

When asked why he thought Stewart was a bigot, exactly, he said that he has a problem with everyone who is not like himself.
“Look at his show. Who does he surround himself with?” he replied to Peter Dominick. He later backed down and changed his tone, instead calling Jon Stewart “prejudice,” but the damage had already been done by that point.
Sanchez is a Cuban American, and has said that several times throughout his career he has experienced discrimination based on his race. It is interesting that he would attack Stewart so openly. Almost immediately after the comments made their way online, analyst Keith Olbermann of MSNBC came forward through his Twitter account to predict that Sanchez would lose his job after making the comments. It turns out that Olbermann was right.

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