Results – WWE SmackDown 8/13/10

Results – WWE SmackDown 8/13/10 – Here are the results for WWE SmackDown 8/13/10 where a lot of the usual drama took place.
This episode did not contain a tribute to 29 year old Lance Cade who passed away earlier in the day.

Match One: Kofi Kingston vs. Kane:
Kingston focuses on Kane’s legs with numerous kicks but at some point Kane gets fed up and uses the knee,then few chokeslams and eventually the Tombstone for the win.

Match Two: Christian vs. Cody Rhodes:
Rhodes had a good idea to go directly after the arm Christian injured two weeks ago against Drew McIntyre and eventually got the win.

Match Three: Big Show vs. Three Enhancement Talents
Despite the fact that Show had his right hand wrapped in black tape, he found a way to drop couple of headbutts, punches to single-handedly win the brawl.

Match Four: Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre
Even though Matt dominated the first half of the match, not only Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy he also seriously injured his opponent’s ankle.

Match Five: Jack Swagger vs. MVP
This one of the best matches of the night where after a Powerslam, a Running, Leaping, Swagger Bomb, a T-Bone suplex MVP was able to claim victory.

Match Six: Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler
After a hard fought match,Rey was able to pick up a victory and as usual Kane showed up out of nowhere and started a fight.
The show ended with a bang-while creating trouble Kane landed in a casket.
Who killed the Undertaker,hopefully we will get an answer next week.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on WWE SmackDown Results.

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