Rescue Me Season 6 Episode 2:Watch Change Online S06E02

Rescue Me Season 6 Episode 2:Watch Change Online S06E02 – Rescue Me season 6 episode 2 called “Change” aired on FX last night. This week on Rescue Me we saw a change of pace in the show, hence the title for the episode “Change.” Tommy has finally started to come to grips on the real world and he’s accepting the terms that have been established from his dream. Now Tommy has become more focused on the people he’s wronged in his life and he wants to redeem those mistakes and do right.
To start off Tommy’s big change he begins by finally admitting to Lou what he saw when he died. Tommy has always ignored Lou when it came to this; he concealed his true feelings and didn’t let things show.

It was great to see him finally let go and let things out of him, it seemed like weight off his shoulders. Unfortunately when Tommy starts letting go he tells everyone who will listen, so his crew also heard the news. Then he starts pouring emotion into Janet revealing how he truly feels about her and soon that has transpired into something far worse as well.
There were some huge developments for Rescue Me in this episode, most of them revolving around Tommy but we got some interesting insight from Damien and what he striven to be in life. We know that Damien has always wanted to be a fire fighter but what we didn’t know was that he striven to be the best fireman he could because his dad was a fire fighter. The crew finally opens their eyes to Lou and sees the true situation.
Towards the end of the episode we see Tommy faced with another tough situation. Colleen’s drinking addiction has spiraled out of control and in order for Colleen to get a handle on her life, Tommy has to step in. However, Tommy doesn’t always do things perfectly and tackling Colleen and her addiction is just another challenge the two of them will have to overcome.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Rescue Me season 6 episode 2.

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