Real World Hollywood Cast

Real World Hollywood Cast

10,000 Doors Movie,Brianna Taylor,Breanna Taylor – The Real World: Hollywood cast composed of Brittini Sherrod,Nick Brown,Brianna Taylor,Sarah Ralston,David Malinosky,William Gilbert,Kimberly Alexander and Joey Kovar all attended the reunion special for The Real World: Hollywood held live in New York on July 12, 2008. All cast members were there except for Greg Halstead.Joey Kovar did most of the talking,where he revealed details about his new movie entitled ‘10,000 Doors,’ and his drinking problems.Joey Kovar said:

“On Aug. 3, I start filming my first movie, called ‘10,000 Doors.’” “So I mean all my dreams are coming true. Life is just better being sober.”

He added:

“[The series] showed that after I told Dave I had a [drinking] problem he offered me a drink. That is not what happened,”“When I told Dave that I was an alcoholic he did not offer me any more drinks after that. So that was completely out of context.”
“There were times where it didn’t portray me in the best light, like I was antagonizing him to drink,”
“We’re not professionals. We don’t know how to deal with that in the right way,” he said. “… We did the best we could.”

The entire cast agreed that the show’s editors managed to make the roomies look a little less concerned about Joey than was the case.

“You can act a certain way—you can get drunk all the time—and they can still edit it to make it look like you’re just a sober, most special person,”
“To tell you the truth, after like the first and second episode I just, I couldn’t watch it anymore …,” . “It’s probably one of the toughest things I ever went through in my life so I don’t care to watch it.”
“Of course I’m like ashamed of it but you gotta keep moving forward in life,”“You can’t keep dwelling in the past … I want to keep moving forward.”

You can watch two videos of the fights after the jump.

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