Real Housewives of DC Premiere

Real Housewives of DC Premiere – Another “Real Housewives” television show will be premiering on Thursday, and this time will feature women from the capital city, Washington DC. Previous seasons of the show have done very well, and have created virtual reality television superstars. It is expected that this season’s version of the show will feature some characters that will push the envelope even farther.
The ladies are reportedly going to be very political, and will be very different than the women that have been featured in past seasons of the show.

“This show has a different vibe. The housewives are fighting about politics. That’s a new discourse. It’s one of the things we hoped would come out of this series,” said Bravo executive Andy Cohen. It will certainly make for some interesting conversation.
That doesn’t mean that the women won’t get catty and fight just like the other ladies of previous seasons. It is almost a given that they will have plenty of arguments and fight scenes, as that is what has made the show so popular in previous seasons. The cast members will include Mary Schmidt Amons, Lynda Erkiletian, Stacie Scott Turner and Michaele Salahi, who is most known for crashing a party at the white house. While they may have switched the formula up a bit, you can probably expect a similar season to what we have seen in previous years in the “Housewives” franchise.

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