Rastafarian:Rastafari Wife Swap ABC

Rastafarian:Rastafari Wife Swap ABC

Rastafarian:Rastafari Wife Swap ABC – Rastafarian is the talk of the day,because on this week’s episode of Wife Swap, on ABC,a Rastafarian mom Jana Vallone swaps lives with a money-minded mom Katrina Martin.Here is what went down on the episode.

The Vallone family of Florida consists of wife Jana, husband Jason, and their four children. The four children are seven year old Ezekiel, five year old Shashamane, four year old Malachi, and two year old Sheba. While the Vallone family might not have a large amount in their bank account, they live a life rich in karma.

Instead of working a regular nine-to-five job, Jason sings in a reggae band. Jana home-schools the children and teaches them the principles of ONE LOVE. The Vallone family believes that Jah will provide, and they often take trips to the beach.

The Martin family of Texas consists of wife Katrina, ex-marine Troy, and their three daughters. The three daughters are sixteen year old Allyson, fifteen year old Charlene, and nine year old Emily. The Martin family value good financial management and set financial goals. The three daughters all have chores that they must complete each day.

In the first week of the swap, Jana Vallone is surprised by all the chores that the Martin family girls have to do. On the other hand, Katrina Martin is equally surprised to see the Vallone family children doing whatever they want. In the second week of the swap, Jana attempts to show Troy that happiness comes from giving, while Katrina sends Jason to work at a job. The Vallone kids also get to experience public school for the first time.

That’s all we have for now,on Rastafarian:Rastafari Wife Swap ABC.

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