Raising The Bar Season 2 Episode 13,14 & 15

Raising the Bar

Raising The Bar Season 2 Episode 13,14 & 15 – Seeing that TNT has cancelled Raising the Bar ,the network decided to burn the final three episodes of the series in a marathon style this Christmas Eve night.Raising the Bar Season 2 Episode 13 entitled “Maybe, Baby” ,Episode 14 dubbed ,”Oh, Say Can You Pee?” and Episode 15 called “Happy Ending” all aired last night on TNT.Here are the plots of the episodes.

Episode 13 Maybe, Baby :

Roz ends up with a baby after a regrettable turn of events. Jerry has difficulty with one of his clients who may or not be telling the truth about a rapist. Elsewhere, Bobbi confronts Jerry about his unsanitary ways.

Episode 14 :Oh, Say Can You Pee?:

Bobbi and Jerry come to a crossroads in their relationship. Richard represents a student who is charged with pouring beer on a cop. Marcus deals with a hard case about a man charged with stealing food for his kids.

Season 2, Episode 15 Happy Ending:

In the series finale, Jerry takes a case involving a male massage therapist. Kessler’s new boyfriend asks her for a legal favor. Roz is extorted by a man, who is the father of the baby she is caring for.

Despite having a decent cast,you could see that the numerous flaws that eventually drove the show straight in a ditch like the writers cramming too many stories in a single episode and there was not a great dynamic between all the members of the cast.
What are your thoughts on the episodes?
That’s all we have for now on Raising The Bar Final Episodes.

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