Raising Hope TV Show Pilot FOX-Watch Season Premiere Online S01E01

Raising Hope TV Show Pilot FOX-Watch Season Premiere Online S01E01 – The pilot for “Raising Hope,” which was written and directed by Greg Garcia (the same man behind My Name Is Earl) aired this evening on Fox.

In the first episode of the comedy, we are quickly introduced to Jimmy chance, who works as a pool cleaner. After watching his father and boss blow a pile of leaves into a pool that he is cleaning, he decides that he needs to shape up and make a plan for himself. He isn’t immediately sure of what that plan would be until he meets an attractive girl, sleeps with her, and has a baby from the encounter. Now Jimmy has to reevaluate everything that he thought that he was sure about in life and deal with having a baby. You can see how this might change his plans.

“Raising Hope” isn’t exactly a how to guide for raising kids, but it definitely paints a pretty good picture of what it is like to have a baby unplanned. We get to watch Jimmy throughout the pilot episode as he struggles to find a job to support the child and attempts to shop for baby supplies, of which he knows nothing about. It is a concept that many can relate to.

As is standard with most pilots, there is a lot of action in the first episode. They might take too much time packing characters and plot lines into the first episode, and at times it can be a little bit hard to follow. Other than the normal problems that are experienced by pilot episodes, “Raising Hope” seems to be a straightforward, smart comedy about unexpectedly having a baby but it no “Modern Family”, it lacks humor and they rely too much on lazy gags that go nowhere.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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