Project Runway Season 8 Episode 3: Watch It’s a Party Online S08E03

Project Runway Season 8 Episode 3: Watch It’s a Party Online S08E03 – Project Runway season 8, episode 3 called “It’s a Party” aired last night on the Lifetime Network where the guest judge was Betsey Johnson and a lot of drama took place.

After viewing a wild montage setting of Gretchen complimenting herself, Tim Gunn took the designers to Brooklyn party-supplies called Party Glitters where they were asked to create a look made from materials found at the store.

During the shopping spree we had two odd moments ,elitist Gretchen (she is not really one but the cameras portray her as a snobbish witch) asking if a store personnel could help her and Casanova, asking where he could find the “black table clothes.” knowing that 2 seconds before Gunn said “NO TABLE CLOTHES”.

After all was said and done the bottom three were A.J., Sarah, and Casanova.
A.J. because he made a dress that would have been perfect for Barbie if she was on drugs.
Sarah due to her weird painted on concept.
And Casanova because of a very odd gray-purple nasty looking gown.
Sarah was eliminated even if there were way more uglier designs that designs that deserved the exit door.
The A+ students were Valerie, Gretchen, and Andy with Andy’s braided-ribbon dress claiming victory.
The installment ended with a bang, with Ivy collapsing walking out of the elevator back at Atlas,an ambulance was called – but the episode ended before we could see and understand what was going on.
The cliffhanger will be resolved next week.

Here are few hilarious lines from last night:

-“It seemed like everyone understood why I won even before I won,and they were really rooting for me.”
-“She looks like a transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral.”
-“I think you took a 360 on the styling!”
-“Remember you need to have time to make sure your station is all clean today.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Project Runway season 8 episode 3.

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