Project Runway Season 8 Episode 10: Rachel Roy

Project Runway Season 8 Episode 10: Rachel Roy – Project Runway season 8 episode 10 called “There’s a Pattern Here” aired last night on the Lifetime Network.
Nina Garcia, a judge on “Project Runway,” takes her job very seriously as the fashion director of Elle and Marie Claire magazines and she proved last night that she never takes a break. Even during the reality show she makes sure that she is treating all of the contestants fairly. She judges without emotion and bases her choices based on their work alone, and not how she feels about them as people. It is good to see that she is willing to do this, because many talent-related reality television shows seem to go with the people that will bring in the highest ratings, and not necessarily who was most suited to move forward.

Sometimes her decisions seem to be out of line with what the other judges and mainstream America would like to see. This could be because she gets a closer look at the day to day life in the fashion industry. Her taste is a little different than the other judges, but she does seem to agree with them on most subjects.

She recently also released her fourth book titled “Nina Garcia’s Love Book: What to War for Every Occasion.” The book breaks down every little event and situation in our lives and gives us ideas on how to dress.
“My books are for the women out there that have to solve problems or have questions and that’s what I like to do. The show addresses those same kind of dilemmas,” she said regarding the reason she writes her books.
As for the competition itself -the contestants were asked to create their own fabric based on childhood memories and they were also given the opportunity to spend one day with their loved ones .
The visit provoked something pretty shocking-Mondo revealed that he is HIV-positive and eventually went on the win the challenge.
And sadly for Valerie she was eliminated.

Rachel Roy was the guest judge on There’s a Pattern Here.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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