Private Practice Spoilers

Private Practice Spoilers – Addison Forbes Montgomery, one of the actresses on Private Practice has seen quite the array of men coming into her life. When the executive producer of the show was questioned about the situation and the numerous guys in the actresses life she responded with “It’s all for good purpose, we’re bringing her on a journey to get a chance to have a happy ending.” With that kind of statement I think you can expect some rather lovely events in the future for this promising lady. However, the recent episodes brought about the ending for Pete played by Tim Daly who Addison has had quite the attraction to. Sam is seeing his final days as he searches for the person behind his angry obsession. Addison and Pete have been together for quite some time, it’s continued on for most of season 3. But Walsh told that “it’s really about the baby. The baby is like the little carrot that’s being dangled in front of Addison. She’s super torn, but her affection is really about that baby.”

However, this same affection also causes her to avoid her feelings for Sam. Walsh reported “That tension with Sam is still there and lingering. It’s always there, like avoiding the forbidden fruit. “There will always be that kind of tension between these two characters just because of their history. If you’re in love with someone and see they’re with someone else and playing family, it can get to you. Even though Sam has his own family, he feels like he’s on the outside.” Daly added to the situation that Pete has played a “really good boyfriend to Addison.” He says “she still has strong feelings for Sam and it’s a big mess.” The custody hearing that is happening with Private Practice might just send the show spiraling into a whole mess of destruction. Who Addison will choose is still a big mystery that is yet to be answered, whether Pete or Sam are truly happy endings we won’t know until the show continues on but we can remain hopeful that everything is for the better.

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