Private Practice Season 4 Episode 2: Watch Short Cuts Online S04E02

Private Practice Season 4 Episode 2: Watch Short Cuts Online S04E02 – Private Practice season 4 episode 2 called “Short Cuts” which was directed by Mark Tinker and written by Sonay Washington aired last night on ABC.

The newest episode of “Private Practice,” titled “Short Cuts” looked like it was going to be interesting if the preview gives us any sort of insight. The show looks as though it has changed directions a bit this season, and we can look forward to a little more character development than we have seen in seasons past.

In the newest episode we get to watch Violet and Cooper put their argument behind them in order to please their significant others. Meanwhile, Pete and Cooper pick up where they left off by getting into an argument regarding marijuana use by a patient.

Addison is having second thoughts about telling the world about her new romance, and Sheldon decides to deny the approval for a patient’s sex change, a decision that comes back to haunt him before the end of the episode. Kate Walsh does an excellent job this episode in the role of Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery. All of the acting is highly believable and she does an excellent job of weighing the options regarding the sex change in a way that the audience can follow and understand.
“Short cuts” may very well be one of the best episodes of the new season that got started with a bang during the premiere episode.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Private Practice season 4 episode 2.

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